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July 9, 2015

The Viper Class is a true grass roots Class that is driven by it's members and volunteers that are fellow Viper owners and sailors. It's time to renew your membership for 2015. You can do so here


 2015 Viper 640 Class Membership 




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Upcoming Events                                                       

Atlantic City Race Week
August 8-9 
Farley State Marina
Atlantic City, NJ




West Coast

Fiesta Cup
Santa Barbara Yacht Club
July 18-19
Santa Barbara, CA


Viper Pacific Coast Championship
August 15-16
Eugene Yacht Club
Eugene, OR

United Kingdom
Parkstone Regatta
July 18-19
Parkstone Yacht Club
Poole, Dorset

Taittinger Regatta
July 24-26
Royal Solent Yacht Club
Lymington, Sportsboat Class
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight


Notice to all members of the Viper 640 Class Association:

One of the key attributes about our Viper 640 Class is that we, as class members, own and run the class. If there is something we don't like, or something that we believe can be done better within greater Viperdom, we have the power to propose and vote in changes; changes to the by-laws and to the Class Constitution itself. Both sets of documents can be found HERE

The process for making any said changes is that members submit to the Class President or Technical Committee your proposals for changes to the governing documents. These proposals, however, must be submitted 90 days before the Class' Annual General Meeting that is scheduled for October 14th during the North American Championship regatta at Larchmont (NY) Yacht Club. That said, any proposals need to be submitted by THIS THURSDAY, July 16, 2015 . Some proposals have already been submitted; but this message is sends out a call for any other proposals percolating in the Class.
As you consider any rules change, consider the following philosophical guidelines and then the subsequent specific guidelines per our Constitution.

You are encouraged to look at the intro to of the Class rules which offers the following "challenges" to any proposed change:

Does it make the Viper either:
(a) Easier or more comfortable to sail,
(b) Less expensive to own,
(c) More fun,
(d) A safer boat, or
(e) Does it improve longevity?

Then they ask:
(a) If it affects performance, can it be retrofitted to existing boats in a cost effective manner,
(b) Will it be adopted by all boats,
(c) Does it accord with the Viper mission of providing a fast, exciting , fun, easy, contemporary, high performance, one-design sport boat that is accessible to a wide range of sailors?

Any actual proposal needs to be transmitted to the Class President, Dr. Jim Sears at or Technical Committee Chairman Dave Nickerson at on or before July 16. It will also help if you cc Class Administrator Buttons Padin at

Important point: You MUST be a current Viper 640 Class member to submit your proposal or ultimately vote on one. If you've not renewed your Class membership for 2015, you can do so HERE

Once a proposal is received, the Technical Committee will work with the proposer to get it into presentation form, prepare a TC recommendation, and review it with the Executive Committee and Governors per 8.1.2 (c) below.

The specific Constitutional guideless relating to proposed rules changes is as follows:

8.0 The Class Association Constitution, the Class Bylaws and the Class Rules may be amended by the following procedure:

8.1.1 (b) A proposed amendment to the Class Rules must be received in writing by the Chairperson of the Technical Committee or the Class President at least 90 days ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), supported by at least five Member votes or a member of the Executive Committee or a member of the Technical Committee.

8.1.2 (c) A proposed amendment to the Class Rules shall be reviewed by the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee shall prepare a recommendation. The Executive Committee and the Governors may also review amendments to the Class Rules and they can prepare their own recommendation, endorse the Technical Committees recommendation or make no comment.

8.1.3 The Class Secretary shall circulate proposed amendments with the appropriate recommendations to all Class Members at least 60 days ahead of the AGM. The proposal shall be published on the Class website for 60 days ahead of the AGM and included in any Class newsletter.

8.1.4 Class Members shall be provided with an opportunity to comment and furnished with a means to submit a postal or electronic proxy vote

8.1.5 Votes will be counted in proxy and in person at the AGM.

8.1.6 An amendment to the Bylaws (including the Class Rules) that receives a 60% majority of the votes present, in person and in proxy, shall pass.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, proposals for making the Viper boat, Class Association, or general Viper racing better, don't miss this opportunity to speak up.

Sail fast,

Buttons Padin
Viper 640 Class Administrator


If you wish to be taken off the Viper 640 Class Association's database, please send an e-mail to Buttons Padin at and simply put UNSUBSCRIBE on the subject line. If you're getting multiple copies of Snake Bytes, shoot Buttons a note and say MULTIPLE COPIES.