"The Southern California Viper 640 region and the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club are proud to announce the Viper 640 World Championship in Long Beach, CA – August 2019. The Viper 640 Class has designated this event the 2nd World Championship event. ABYC has one of the largest Viper fleets in the world and welcomes competitors to come sail in sunny Southern California." - from

It is truly an honor for Alamitos Bay Yacht Club to host this year's Viper 640 World Championships . We are a club who's "hearts are on the water" ... and no doubt about it, Vipers and their sailors, do our water sport proud! 

ABYC members are graciously hospitable and we welcome the Viper sailors to our club with open arms. Sure there maybe a few more trailers to maneuver in the yard or a few less parking places ... but that's okay with our ABYC Family! We love the energy and excitement that comes with racing.

Keep your eyes open for our Viper sailors over the next few weeks ... maybe offer to buy them a cocktail after a long, hard day on the water! ;)

Jim Lincoln's Celebration of Life was this past Sunday. Over 300 people attended to share their beautiful memories of Jim. Their presence was a true expression of the impact that Jim had on their lives and those he touched. He will be surely missed by all of us!

Have a great week everyone,

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader *\0/*
Sunday, September 8, 2019


Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
On the Patio

Please join the family for drinks and desserts
as they recall their favorite memories
of their beloved Jim.
Reyn Spooners are lovingly requested.
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Post Summer Updates: Incase you wish to start marking up your calendars !

September 13-14    End of Summer Party & Raft-up
September 22            Patio Brunch: Fall Equinox
October 5                   Commodore’s Appreciation Dinner
October 19                 Commodore’s Installation
October 25                 Club ABYC October Fest
November 3               Patio Brunch: Daylight Savings Time Fall-Back
November 23             Thanksgiving Regatta & Dinner
December 6               Club ABYC Christmas Tree Trimming & Caroling
December 15             Decorating & ABYC Annual Christmas Party