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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Virginia Daily Education News is a daily update (Monday through Friday) of education news throughout Virginia. Links are created to various media outlets throughout the state. Click the underlined headlines to view the articles.


Moseley Architects is a proud supporter of the Virginia School Boards Association.

For more than 50 years, Moseley Architects has served as a trusted partner to Virginia’s public schools. We are passionate about design and appreciate collaborating with clients to design learning environments that foster safe and effective teaching and learning experiences.

In an effort to promote a closer relationship between public education and the Virginia State Legislature, the Virginia School Boards Association urges each school division in the state to invite at least one of their state legislators to engage with their schools during the month of November. For information about Take Your Legislator to School Month, click here

Arlington schools still plan school seven snow days before reverting to 'virtual' learning

In case you thought past experience with remote learning - month after month after month of it for Arlington students during COVID lockdowns - would allow school leaders to keep classes going despite the wrath of Mother Nature, think again.

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Watch Now - Grundy grad returns with NASCAR friends to show benefits of STEM education

GRUNDY, Va. - Students from throughout Buchanan Country expressed a mix of wonder and surprise Monday morning over the rumble of a NASCAR engine. Ranson Owens enjoyed the show. The 20-year-old graduate of Grundy High School and the NASCAR Technical Institute returned to his alma mater to share his success story and tout the benefits of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related technician training.

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King William Schools to tackle book removal policy

KING WILLIAM - King William Public Schools is to draw up a new policy to identify materials with sexually explicit content that could see books pulled from school libraries. The school board held the first hearing of a state-recommended policy on materials containing explicit content on Oct.

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Spotsylvania businesses, individuals working to provide schools with snacks for students

Thousands of area children received free school meals for the past two years, thanks to nutrition waivers approved by the government as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the expiration of the waivers this summer-and with demand on the regional Food Bank surging as a result of inflation-teachers and school social workers are seeing more hungry kids.

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Students learn about the importance of honey bees thanks to George Mason partnership

Northern Virginia elementary students were recently invited to take a virtual field trip where they could learn from expert beekeepers, take a deep dive into a hive and even fly like a honey bee.

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Farm To Lunch Table: Local Schools Connect With Valley Farmers

Mary Stickley-Godinez stood outside her farm's retail stand on Cross Keys Road in Rockingham County. The sound of cars passing by contrasted with the sight of farmland extending into the field behind the hut. Orderly lines of apples, peaches and vegetables filled the space, with mountains framing the view.

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School Board Resumes Boundary Line Work, Unfinished Meeting on Tuesday

The Loudon County School Board will hold another secondary school attendance zone work session on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The board is eyeing changes in the Ashburn, eastern Loudoun and central Loudoun regions. The work session will include attendance zone proposals from several School Board members, including one from John Beatty (Catoctin), three from Andrew Hoyler (Broad Run) and two from Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian).

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Thanks to new elementary school, New Kent class sizes continue to stay at good levels

NEW KENT - A new elementary school has reduced class sizes in fast-growing New Kent County, despite an increase in student numbers, a new report revealed. Ross Miller, executive director of innovation and development, presented a report about class sizes at the Oct. 3 school board meeting.

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Newport News middle school evacuated because of lab incident

The Newport News Fire Department called in its Hazardous Materials Team due to "a chemistry experiment that did not go as planned." NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Crittenden Middle School in Newport News was evacuated Monday morning due to a hazmat incident, the Newport News Fire Department said.

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Most Fairfax Co. students didn't use free tutoring service last year - WTOP News

A multimillion-dollar investment in an online tutoring service promoted as an "academic booster shot" to help kids catch up wasn't used by most Fairfax County Public School students last year, according to the findings of a report released by Virginia's largest school system.

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Don't miss these upcoming VSBA Events

2022 VSBA Annual Convention, November 16-18 2022

VSBA’s Annual Convention is the celebratory end-of-year gathering that you do not want to miss out on! This event is the largest and most anticipated meeting of the year, which brings together over one thousand school board members, superintendents, and school division staff from across the state of Virginia.

Insights for Budget Basics & Finance 101: Part 1 Webinar: December 7, 2022Part 2 Webinar: December 8, 2022

This webinar series focuses on Virginia public school budgeting. Webinar 1 discusses the roles of elected officials, fiduciary requirements, stakeholders, and budget reports. While webinar #2 explains expenditures, including enrollment, staffing, salaries, and employee benefits. 

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