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April 4, 2023

The Virginia Daily Education News is a daily update (Monday through Friday) of education news throughout Virginia. Links are created to various media outlets throughout the state. Click the underlined headlines to view the articles.


Moseley Architects is a proud supporter of the Virginia School Boards Association.

For more than 50 years, Moseley Architects has served as a trusted partner to Virginia’s public schools. We are passionate about design and appreciate collaborating with clients to design learning environments that foster safe and effective teaching and learning experiences.

Find Out More About Workforce Readiness Month 

Listen to episode 48 of the VSBA School Board News podcast as guests Teddy Martin (Henry County), VSBA Task Force on Workforce Readiness Co-Chair and VSBA Immediate Past President, and J.T. Kessler, VSBA Director of Legislative Services join Gina Patterson, VSBA Executive Director to discuss Workforce Readiness Month.

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Future Opportunity Night events showcase career pathways for Amherst fifth-graders, families

For fifth graders in Amherst County, when it comes to career opportunities, the future is now. In a first for Amherst County Public Schools, the division recently hosted "Future Opportunities Night" events at all six elementary schools, concluding at Madison Heights Elementary School on March 28.

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Buchanan County Public Schools accepting applications for new superintendent

The Virginia School Boards Association, or VSBA, says applications are now being accepted for the superintendent of Buchanan County Public Schools.Completed app

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Richmond Public Schools offer bonuses up to $12,000

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond Public Schools is offering early commitment bonuses as a way to recruit more teachers. The division is giving new hires up to $12,000 if they sign commitment letters by May 1.

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Page County Schools To Evaluate Volunteer Protocols Following Thursday's Lockdown

The man accused of bringing a knife into Shenandoah Elementary School on Thursday was a pre-approved volunteer to help with a school fundraiser, according to Page County school division officials.

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Spotsylvania supervisors hear demands for increased school funding

Eleventh-grader Heidi Moyer stood at the microphone in the Courtland High School auditorium, addressing the supervisors and county staff assembled on the stage above.

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All Henry County public schools to now have SROs

Each school in the Henry County Public Schools system will now have a School Resource Officer (SRO). Each middle school and high school has had an SRO, and another SRO has rotated to each of the division's nine elementary schools.

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Pulaski County forensics students win two state championships

For the first time in 10 years, Pulaski County High School fielded a team for the Virginia High School League Forensics competition this year - and members won two events.

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School Board seeks more local funds | Carroll News

The Carroll County School Board's message at its proposed operational budget for 2023-2024 was level funding's cost is less opportunities for future students. School Superintendent Dr. Mark Burnette gave a Powerpoint presentation to the board during its March 14 regular meeting. The proposed budget presented represented an increase of local funds from the county of $750,000.

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Warren County schools tightens internet security after incident

Warren County Public Schools officials say a student recently tried to go around the system's internet filters using a testing app.

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Arlington teachers blast decision to remove outside locks from staff bathrooms |

A controversial decision by Arlington Public Schools to change staff bathrooms so they do not lock from the outside has incited backlash from a number of teachers.

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