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March 8, 2023

The Virginia Daily Education News is a daily update (Monday through Friday) of education news throughout Virginia. Links are created to various media outlets throughout the state. Click the underlined headlines to view the articles.


Moseley Architects is a proud supporter of the Virginia School Boards Association.

For more than 50 years, Moseley Architects has served as a trusted partner to Virginia’s public schools. We are passionate about design and appreciate collaborating with clients to design learning environments that foster safe and effective teaching and learning experiences.

WATCH D.O.G.S. keep an eye on students in Suffolk

Concerns of school violence often dominate our cultural discourse. One classic remedy to behavioral problems in school is to call dad. But at Florence Bowser Elementary School in Suffolk, dads are getting the call before problems arise.

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Virginia Beach schools proposed $930 million budget addresses pay raises, security

The Virginia Beach School Board is set to vote Tuesday night on its budget request of more than $930 million, which includes raises for division employees. The proposed budget for FY 2023 is an increase from the current budget of nearly $900 million, and includes recommendations for salaries based on a 2022 compensation study.

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Survey: 84% of Fairfax County parents oppose gender combined sex education classes

More than 84% of Fairfax County parents surveyed by FCPS do not support gender-combined sex education in grades 4 to 8, 7News learned.

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RCPS recognizes driver contributions, hopes to add new faces

Richmond County employs 20 bus drivers and eight car drivers, and according to Richmond County Superintendent, they're making a big difference. Furthermore, RCPS has been fortunate to retain a large number of veteran bus drivers at a time when many school systems across the state are struggling to cover their needs.

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'I can get my hands dirty'-Culpeper public schools offer 10 agriculture classes

Future Farmers of America has taken root locally, generating growing interest in careers in agriculture among Culpeper middle and high school students, including at Eastern View. The public school system is responding in kind with an expanding selection of farm-focused courses students can take for credit, and get career training while in class.

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Chesapeake to pilot new block schedule at 3 middle schools next year

On Mondays, students will have seven, 45-minute periods to ease into the school week and set goals. For the rest of the week, students will have two, 90-minute block periods each day, alternating the four core subjects of math, English, science and social studies.

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Three Richmond elementary schools voting to extend 2023-24 school year to address pandemic learning loss

RICHMOND Va. (WRIC) - Three elementary schools in Richmond may be adding a significant number of days to the school year. The Richmond Public School Board will vote on the RPS200 plan at an upcoming school board meeting Thursday night.

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Spotsylvania school board meeting canceled, parents had hoped for public comment on Twigg

In Spotsylvania County, Monday was supposed to be the school board's first public meeting since board member and former board chair Kirk Twigg was charged with

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LCPS seeks to reverse steep increase in hate incidents

"Despite our promise of our commitment to equity, the reality is that there is a problem," Deputy Superintendent Ashley F. Ellis told committee members. "We do have racial slurs and hate speech in our schools and across the division and it's counter to the environment that we're trying to create for our students at LCPS."

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Lower raises on the table as Augusta County Schools struggle to balance the budget

VERONA - Like Waynesboro and Staunton, Augusta County is struggling to balance its school budget for fiscal year 2024. Also like those two localities, a lot is unknown as they wait for the Virginia General Assembly to pass a budget. For now, Augusta County is operating off of the projected Governor's budget, knowing that will change as Gov.

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