HEMP HISTORY IN THE MAKING!  Senate Bill 691 was signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe Februaury, 29 2016! This law goes into effect July 1, 2016. 

PDF link to HB 699:  HERE
PDF link to SB 691:  HERE

Thank you,  Delegate Brenda Pogge  and Senator Ben Chafin, and  VDACSfor your support for Industrial Hemp, and thanks to all those who have worked on this issue in the recent years and of years past which paved the way for this historic bill! This new law is already starting to bring businesses to Virginia as they see clarity and a path to implement their business plans right here in the Commonwealth. 

The four year license for farming, processing and manufacturing with a maximum $250 license fee will give those in the hemp industry the proper legal platform on which to operate on in the future.  Our work though is not over yet. We still have to deal with the erroneous federal law which still has Industrial Hemp on the controlled substances act as a schedule one drug. This must be changed before the hemp industry can truly take off unhindered. Please call, email or write to your US Senators and US representative today and ask them to support HR 525 and S 134 (the Industrial Hemp Farming Act). The fine folks at the National Hemp Association have provided any easy method to send a letter. Click on this link: http://cqrcengage.com/nha/app/onestep-write-a-letter?0&engagementId=175693 
The VIHC along with Delegate Brenda Pogge, supporting Industrial Hemp Farming in Virginia and HB 699. (January 2016)

The leadership and members of the VIHC are working very hard with it being all volunteer (spare)time from our jobs and families, and paying out of pocket for all our travel and related expenses. One of our priorities is to grow our coalition so that we may build a  stronger force as we face working on the federal side of hemp legalization   and increasing our education and marketing efforts, to include: voting guide handouts, billboards and advertisements, tabling at events, and sponsoring hemp themed events.
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With kind regards,

Jason Amatucci
VIHC Founder/Executive Director 

SAVE THE DATE! Next Tuesday, the 8th at 7PM! We welcome you to our upcoming VIHC members meeting  at Blue Mountain Brewery. The meeting is for registered VIHC members, but anyone is welcome to become a VIHC member that day if they would like to participate.

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Please consider helping our good friend & Virginia Hemp pioneer, Jim Politis, with his medical expenses. He has done a lot over the years to help educate Virginians about the benefits of Hemp.

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