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Immediate Action Needed:  

3 Foot Passing Law 

Please write to your delegate today February 9, 2011.

Breaking news.

The House will consider Sen. Ryan McDougle's Three Foot passing law, SB 928 on Thursday, February 10th in the early morning.  


This bill passed the Senate unanimously and now needs your support. The legislation will change the minimum passing distance between cars and bikes to 3 feet (from 2 feet).  

Sample email text and contact information is below.

Please note we ask you withhold contacting Del. Oder on this topic. Our advocates have spoken with him and he has already agreed to support in Senate.

Sample Text


Please support Sen. Ryan McDougle's Three Foot passing law, SB 928.   

This bill will increase the required passing distance between cars and bicycles from 2 feet of space to 3 feet of space. This small increase can make the difference between life and death for people who have no means of transportation other than a bicycle and for those who try to enjoy cycling for exercise and recreation.


In 2009, over 610 people on bicycles in Virginia were either seriously injured or killed in crashes with cars. SB 928 offers an immediate means for saving lives.  


Thank you,




Chairman: May, Joe T. /Loudon    804 698-1033 

Vice Chair:
Oder, G. Glenn/Newport News 804 698-1094  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT   


Carrico, Charles W., Sr.  /Galax  804 698-1005 

Cosgrove, John A./Chesapeake  804 698-1078 

Rust, Thomas Davis/Herndon  804 698-1086 

Hugo, Timothy D./Fairfax   804 698-1040 

Scott, Edward T./Culpeper  804 698-1030 

Tata, Robert/VaBeach  804 698-1085 

Villanueva, Ronald A./VaBeach  804 698-1021 

Comstock, Barbara J./Fairfax  804 698-1034 

Garrett, T. Scott/Lynchburg  804 698-1023 

Cox, John A./Hanover  804 698-1055 

Cleaveland, William H./Roanoke  804 698-1017 

Habeeb, Gregory D. 

Ward, Jeion A./Hampton   804 698-1092 


Ebbin, Adam P./Arlington  804 698-1049 

BaCote, Mamye E./Newport News  804 698-1095 

Brink, Robert H./Arlington   804 698-1048 

Toscano, David J./Charlottesville  804 698-1057 

McQuinn, Delores L./Richmond   804 698-1070 

Carr, Betsy B./Richmond  804 698-1069 


 Filler-Corn, Eileen/Fairfax   804 698-1041