Issue #23 - December 2020
All of us at NCVPS would like to wish you and your family a very happy, safe and healthy holiday season.  Let's wrap 2020 with a bow and look forward to an amazing 2021!

From the NC Virtual family to yours....
Thank you for choosing NC Virtual!
Fall courses end on January 8th, 2021 and final grades will be posted on January 14th, 2021. 
Here are some ways to help you put a successful end to 2020 and to help you start 2021 off on the right foot!
1.  Share your goals with your teacher and make a plan for success together.
2.  Spend some time with a Peer Tutor!
3.  Check for any assignments you may have forgotten.
4.  Search the internet for practice questions and review sites.
5.  Ask your family to ask you questions from the review module
6.  TEXT, CALL or MESSAGE a question to your teacher.
7.  Write your own practice questions and try to solve them.  Then share them with your teacher to see if you are on the right track
8.  Take 15 minute cookie and cocoa breaks.
9.  Go through all of the course announcements for review.
10.  Make lists of questions you want to ask and then ask them!
Homeschool and private school students are exempt from state exams, but students are required to take any teacher-made final exams.
*Double check the syllabus to see if there is a teacher-made exam or project. 
Registration is open for the Spring 2021 semester!
Spring 2021 Courses begin January 19
Last Day To Add/Drop for Spring 2021 Courses is February 1
Access our Enrollment Form to register for upcoming semesters! 
(Please do not include apostrophes in your enrollment request.)

View our Capacity List prior to enrolling.
(American Sign Language 1 and 2 are at capacity already!)

*If you have a student that has extensive learning challenges, medical, or hardship circumstances, please call the office of Nonpublic Enrollments.

Visit our Course Catalog for a complete list of all of our courses.

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Visit out webpage to view tons of archived sessions.
Need Help? The PTC is one click in Canvas.
The image below shows how to find the PTC!
Questions about the Peer Tutoring Center?
Email Elizabeth Seastrunk at
Check out previous sessions at our IWork archive.
Our most recent session was on December 8th and was all about how to become a teacher. 
Is your student a senior and graduating this year?
Please complete this survey to let us know if you will be graduating at the THRIVE CONFERENCE this year.
We want to celebrate with you!!!!
Give the gift of good grades!
Request your EGV now for delivery after the semester ends!
EGV = All your grades in one document

NCVPS is not a diploma granting school; therefore, we do not issue "Transcripts."  

The EGV provides the same details as a transcript and has been accepted by schools as a supplemental supporting document verifying course grades. 
Have a question or need assistance?

Our Enrollment Guide has everything you need in one place. Make sure to bookmark it!

Visit the Help DeskMake sure you include in your ticket that you are a home or private school. Include the name of your school for quickest service. 

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