April 7, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Planetree International and Language of Caring recognize this is a time of heightened work and heightened stress for physicians and APPs involved in the delivery of health care, especially when there is so little predictability in the days ahead.

We want to reach out to each one of you to offer a forum for support, shared conversation, connection, tips, tools, and identification of our “pain points” in support of one another both personally and professionally.

Planetree and Language of Caring physician leaders will be offering a series of 30-minute “Breakroom” virtual gatherings beginning on Friday, April 10 (see schedule). Dr. Carla Rotering, Dr. Bob Coblentz and Dr. Dael Waxman we will be facilitating the discussion, conversation, silence or reflection and we encourage you all to share your own tips, questions and reflections during this unusual time.

We believe that connection, conversation and support is exactly what is needed right now to strengthen our bonds and sustain our well-being.

Dr. Christina Maslach, a social scientist and internationally recognized expert in physician “burnout” (and just plain old hard times in Medicine) says this:

“You can do a lot on your own…but you can do even more with a little help from your friends…..the people who are best qualified to provide job-related help and support are the people on the job – your co-workers”

Let us talk to each other, share experiences and tips, and comfort each other. It will help to share the burden.

Wishing you all the best during these trying times.

Be well,

Jim Kinsey
Vice President, Engagement Strategies
and Continuum of Care Services