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Virtual Campus Update 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as Grossmont College switched to off-campus instruction and services in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Many students have told us their concerns about moving classes off campus, but I want to assure you that Grossmont College's faculty, classified professionals and administration are working hard to provide you with the support and tools you need to successfully complete the semester. We are all committed to doing our best to serve you.

Please be patient with yourself and others during this time. It's been a challenge for all of us to adjust to this "new normal," but we can get through this together. Please find below some resources we have moved online, updated deadlines and many tools that could help you through this transition.

All of the below information and more can be found on our virtual campus website.


Many campus resources are available online to guide and assist you as we all transition to remote instruction. This website includes various resources, tools and information about policy updates to help you succeed during this transition.

Student Services staff are working remotely to answer your questions, provide assistance and keep operations running. You can learn more about how to access virtual student services below:  Additionally, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) has  additional resources for students.


We encourage all students to make the best effort possible to continue and complete your classes. However, we recognize that this may not be possible in all cases. In deciding the best choice for you, please review all of the options below as many of the impacts of these options have changed with the COVID-19 crisis. 

Most notably, the P/NP option has been changed to encourage you to attempt to complete your classes even if it is difficult. During the COVID-19 crisis, if you choose P/NP and you receive a NP, it will not count against your GPA calculation or your progress determination.

Withdraw from Class

Students who choose to withdraw due to challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be granted an Excused Withdrawal (EW). Students who choose this option should complete a COVID-19 late withdrawal form. Unlike a "W," an "EW" will not be used for determining progress or in the GPA calculation by the campus. This may not be true for Financial Aid, so please see your financial aid advisor. Note that all withdrawals that are identified as being caused by COVID-19 will result in an automatic refund. As a result, if you chose to withdraw from a class due to COVID-19, please use the form above so that we know your withdrawal is due to COVID-19.

If you are receiving Financial Aid, you should first contact a Financial Aid Advisor to determine if there is any impact on your financial aid. We expect guidance from the Federal Government pertaining to potential adjustments to financial aid rules as a function of the COVID-19 crisis, so please check the Financial Aid website or contact Financial Aid for updates.

Refund of Enrollment Fee

Refunds for students who chose to withdraw for the spring 2020 semester for non-COVID-19-related reasons will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If fees were paid by a third party, those fees will not be refunded to the student. 

Extend P/NP Deadline
Deadline: June 1, 2020 

You may request to be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis until the last day of the spring 2020 semester. If you are planning to transfer, please contact a counselor before you make this change as many transfer institutions require letter grades in courses required for the major. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the P/NP will not be counted when determining whether or not you have met the minimum progress requirements. This is different from the normal process. 


If unexpected circumstances prevent you from completing the course, you may seek an incomplete, which may be granted at the discretion of your instructor. Once an Incomplete is assigned by your instructor, you will have two semesters to make up the coursework.

International Students

There are several adjustments due to COVID-19 to the regulations governing International Students especially with respect to online courses. Please see the International Students website for details or contact the International Students Program staff.

Again, we are committed to helping you as much as we can. If you need extra support during this time, please connect with your instructor to discuss your specific situation.

We know this email hasn't answered all of your questions, and we encourage you to connect with us via email, social media or phone. We are here to help! This is a difficult time, but we can get through this together.


Aaron Starck, M.S.
Interim Vice President of Student Services
Grossmont College 
Grossmont College
8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, California 92020
(619) 644-7000