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Coyotes -
I hope you are finding your way through this strange time and finding some ways to keep yourself positive and motivated. Personally, I am finding it important to connect with people that give me joy - whether family, friends, or colleagues - I have set aside time each day to talk with someone and share my feelings and seek connection. We are social beings, and it is important to maintain relationships. I hope you will share with me some of the ways you are coping.
This week we have updates that move us through spring semester, into summer and begin to prepare for fall.
Students are able to  change their grading basis to Pass/No Pass . The changing of your grading basis -- from a letter grade to a Pass/No Pass -- can limit the impact of your course outcome on your GPA. You have until June 1, 2020 to request the change and you are strongly encouraged to  contact your counselor  to discuss your specific situation before filing your paperwork.
If you feel you cannot reasonably continue in your courses this semester, there is a process in place for you to receive an excused withdrawal (EW). You can request an excused withdrawal online via Self Service through June 1, 2020 by selecting COVID-19 as the reason for the drop. You are strongly urged to contact your counselor prior to requesting the EW to discuss how this may impact your specific educational goals.
Students who withdrew from classes, or were dropped by faculty for non-attendance, and received a withdrawal (W), may submit an EW form requesting that the withdrawal (W) be changed to an excused withdrawal (EW) if they dropped as a result of COVID-19.  Faculty have recently been given the option to drop students for non-attendance. Any students dropped prior to this must submit an EW request form
Information from the federal government indicates courses receiving an EW will not count toward/against a student's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), but students will be held to GPA requirements. If you are a student receiving financial aid, please make sure to discuss your status with your counselor/financial aid advisor prior to applying for an EW.
The district and college leadership have been meeting regularly to evaluate the many factors and challenges involved with returning to campus in an environment of ambiguity. Considerations are extensive and multifaceted, and include the health and safety of students and employees, planning and preparing to meet physical distancing requirements; capacity to meet rigorous sanitation/disinfection requirements; and the potential for disruption should another Coronavirus outbreak occur.
With those factors in mind, the district leadership has decided that all fall semester classes will be delivered online or remotely, with the exception of a very limited number of classes that may be hard to convert online. Courses taught on campus will adhere to strict physical distancing guidelines and safety precautions. 
We are working on the fall schedule now, and expect the class schedule to be available online by June 15. Information about its availability and registration will be sent via email, and posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@CuyamacaCollege).
Congratulations Graduates! We are so proud of you.
On the Cuyamaca College Commencement website, you will  find a number of social media filters, frames, and print-at-home signs to help you and your family get into the spirit of commencement. Please remember to tell your friends and family to watch the virtual Commencement Ceremony on June 3 at 5:30 pm. The link will be posted on the Cuyamaca College website in the next few weeks, and you can share your slide through various social media platforms. If you have any questions, please email .
Summer session has been modified to run June 22 - July 30, and will be offered online only. The Summer 2020 schedule is available now and open registration begins May 26. Courses will be offered in the following disciplines: Art, Automotive Technology, Biological Sciences, Business, Child Development, Communication, Counseling, Economics, Engineering, English, Exercise Science, Graphic Design, Health Education, History, Mathematics, Music, Nutrition, Political Science, and Psychology.
The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused a disruption in the economic stability of many of you. I know you have many needs. If you have not already visited our Virtual Campus microsite , please do, there are a number of campus support services available. Additionally, we have added a number of community resources to our Virtual Campus microsite. The page is designed to centralize a number of resources in our community -- links to unemployment information, health care access, food, housing, and utility assistance, and resources for specific communities. As more resources are identified, we will add them here.
With all the changes surrounding COVID-19 it is important that students have a safe space to share their concerns, frustrations, anxiety, and other challenges they may be experiencing in this unprecedented time. Cuyamaca College Personal Counseling holds weekly Student Support Groups. There is no cost to attend, but students must RSVP . The virtual meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. and every Thursday at 12:00 p.m.
We miss seeing all of you! When we were on campus, many faculty and staff wore their #CoyoteGear on Fridays. We've recently gone back to it, and it's fun to see each other in Zoom meetings wearing our Coyote Pride. We hope you will join us and post a photo on Facebook or Instagram (@CuyamacaCollege). We'll repost all the ones that tag us! Go Coyotes!
We're in this together! / ! لَسْتَ وَحْدَكَ ، نَحْنُ مَعَك  / ¡Estamos en esto juntos! 
Jessica Robinson, Ed.D., MSW
Vice President Student Services
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