Virtual Catty Hour
Friday, April 9
There's still time to sign up for our virtual Catty Hour to be held this Friday evening, April 9, at 5pm. You will be able to remotely meet our adoptable cats at the shelter as our Director of Outreach, Suellen Scott, takes you from room to room to visit with them.

You can reserve your spot through Meow Mart by clicking the link: Catty Hour. The cost is $10. We will send you a link on April 9 which will take you to the Catty Hour at 5pm.

Get a glass of your favorite wine, a snack, and settle in for a relaxing Friday evening with Cat Care Society!
Foster Volunteers Needed
for Bottle Babies and Moms
Kitten season is upon us, and we are anticipating a large influx of kittens and both pregnant and nursing moms. We especially need foster volunteers for the bottle babies and the nursing mothers. Bottle babies need a great deal of care, and it's a wonderful way to help cats and also the shelter at this very busy time. For more information about fostering, please click here. It is in our section about volunteering at CCS. If you are ready to sign up, click application to fill out our online paperwork to become a foster. We appreciate our dedicated volunteers who help us so much day in and day out!
Spider and Grizz-
A Special Foster Needed

We are very much in need of a foster home for a bonded pair of senior cats. Spider is diabetic and is not doing well in the shelter. Grizz has no medical issues at all: just wants to be with his best friend!

We need a foster who has no dogs and preferably no other cats. As a foster for these two, you must be familiar with how to care for diabetics and know how to understand their behavioral changes when something is wrong.

We will provide food, litter and insulin and will require regular checkups with our shelter vet during their stay. This could be a longtime foster situation-preferably until they are adopted.

If you are able to foster these sweet kitties, please contact Jet Stoner at OR 303-239-9680 option 3.
Ask Sue Sioux
Dear Sue Sioux,

Why do cats sleep all day?

Dear friend, 

The feline body is suited for short, potent bursts of energy and cats have adapted a sleep style to accommodate that. Cats usually sleep lightly and frequently, in order to gain in length of sleep what they may lack in depth. We cats are far from lazy, but we have truly perfected the nap. We have mastered the art of pacing oneself throughout the day.

Your furry friend,

Sue Sioux
CCS Cats Know How to Nap!
Chance and Simone-
A Mellow Duo
Chance and Simone are a charming pair. They are both 11 years old and super sweet. They are also both very mellow and LOVE attention. Chance is a large gentleman while Simone is a petite lady. Even at 11 they are playful and also enjoy lounging in cozy beds alongside a human friend. They do not do well with children or other cats, but used to live with a dog. So, they would probably do ok with a dog in the home. Chance and Simone were surrendered to Cat Care Society because of litter box problems which were most likely brought on by stress caused by the children in the home. Since arriving at CCS, they have not had any box issues at all. These two pals are quite healthy and very much want a furrever home in which to live out the many senior years they have ahead of them.

Chance and Simone would love a home with a nice human or couple who do not have, or plan on having kids. They want lots of love and attention and look forward to hanging out with caring people. Please come meet them.
Amazon Wish List and AmazonSmile
Your donations through AmazonSmile greatly help Cat Care Society, and in two different ways. When you shop our Wish List on Amazon we get items that are critical to our smooth and successful operation. You can also have the items shipped directly to the shelter. When you shop through AmazonSmile and select us as your charity, the shelter receives an additional contribution....Amazon donates .5% of the cost of your purchases to Cat Care Society. It's a wonderful program that benefits us generously each year. Click Wish List to access the Wish List page, and click here to learn more about the AmazonSmile program. Thank you for your support!
Yoga with the Cats
 Instructor Needed
Cat Care Society would like to resume our Yoga with the Cats class as a virtual event, and we are in need of a yoga instructor who loves cats. We would like someone willing to donate their time to come to the shelter and tape a virtual class with a few volunteers and some of our cats. We have a number of cats that love to join in! The event will then be available to participants upon registration for the class.

If you are interested, please contact Suellen Scott at
Cat Care Society will be featured on Petline 9 three times in April...the 9th, the 16th, and the 23rd both in the morning and afternoon slots. The times are approximately 8:50am and 4:50pm. Several of our adoptable cats will be introduced, and we will discuss CCS and our mission in the community. Tune in to Petline9 on 9News.
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