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VCI - Virtual Church Institute - Launching in 2022!

What an amazing 2021!

Check out our updated Year-End Report below


Hello David,

We want to personally THANK YOU for your continued partnership and prayer support as we shift into 2022.

Your gifts and monthly partnership made a powerful impact and eternal difference in people's lives worldwide! What God is doing is "exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh [together] in us" (Ephesians 3:20).

In June 2020, David received a call from a seasoned prophet friend in Kansas City. He said, "David, don't get too comfortable in Southern California because God is getting ready to move you. It's going to happen quickly. Pack your bags!" Joanna and I prayed and received confirmation from the Holy Spirit. Two weeks later, the Lord opened a door of favor, and we drove out towing a U-Haul and arrived in Orlando, FL, a few days later. We had no idea what Heaven was about to do next. Below we share some of the bountiful fruit of 2021.

One of our partners in Orlando gave us complimentary access to their lighthouse ministry center to host Wednesday night Bible Studies, and people began coming. At first, it was a small gathering. Then more came as God poured out His Spirit. Next, a few attendees asked us to record the services to watch on video or listen to audio when they couldn't come. Others asked us to broadcast these messages "live" on social media making this available on-demand through our Virtual Church Platform. God added an increase, and now these teachings are going around the world from this weekly in-person gathering. "Despise not the day of small beginnings" (Zechariah 4:10).

A dozen volunteers became involved with Heart of America Prison Ministries out of this fellowship. This year volunteers sent out 900 handwritten Christmas cards to prisoners, and in 2022 we will begin sending hundreds of Bibles we purchased in 2021. We have a total of 2,000 prisoners on our Bible waitlist. All this occurred at the lighthouse ministry center in Orlando.

In 2021, we continued our partnership with Prison Power Ministries headed by Bill Corum. Bill and PPM sent another 45,000 copies of our multi-author daily devotional, Nuggets of Gold, to 1500 prisons. 60,000 total. Many inmates encounter Jesus in their cells while reading this powerful daily devotional.

We also partnered with Christian Libraries International (CLI), who placed David's action-packed autobiography, Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom, on electronic reading tablets in 150 prisons, giving 100,000 prisoners free access. (CLI requested permission to place all of David's books on these tablets. To date, five more of David's discipleship books are live and available for these men and women behind bars).

The Tree of Books Vision David received 30 years ago in a prison cell has now come to pass. David was shown a sapling sprouting from the ring finger of his writing hand. And then the tree erupted like a Jack and the Beanstock movie to reach a third of the earth, with books falling to prisoners out of the tree's branches. At the time, David replied, "God, I don't want to be a writer; I don't even like to read!" The audible voice of God spoke back, "Just as it was told unto Joseph, it shall be done!" The fear of the Lord came upon David as he sat silently in his prison cell. David began the journey to become a writer. To date, David has authored 15 books, and many of these teachings are going around the world. To read this amazing Tree of Books vision, click here.

Africa Crusades - Our Nigerian Evangelist, Israel Aggrey, and his team continue to win souls in Eataly Village. 20,000 souls this year. Last year we purchased four acres of land to build a future ministry center to disciple the people. This year we dug a well that provides fresh water to the people each day. They no longer have to walk 3 miles for water. Because of this water provision miracle, 1,000 souls renounced their false gods and gave their lives to Jesus.

New Church Plant - Early this year, we were invited to be part of a new church plant in Orlando with Pastor Daniel Kolenda called Nations Church. This ministry was birthed from Christ for All Nations, started by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. They have won 79 million to Christ worldwide in 45 years. Joanna and I felt led to become part of the first members of the pre-launch team. The church grew from only a small gathering to 2,000 members within the next few months. Nations Church is very focused on Jesus, the lost, and evangelism. In 2021 CFAN trained more than 200 evangelists in their 90-day intensive boot camps and won an additional 2.2 million souls to Christ. A total of 81,252,742

Joanna and I felt called to help mentor a few evangelists who attended our Wednesday night Bible Study, praying over them and releasing impartation for the miraculous. Last month the leaders and congregants of Nation's Church prayed over the 88 of the Boot camp graduates before they left for their mission to Nigeria. What God did next was powerful! These fiery evangelists held a total of 1805 outreaches in 10 days and won 239,000 souls to Christ on the streets of Ibadan, Nigeria. Then Pastor Daniel Kolenda and his team from CFAN flew in for the open-air Gospel Crusade. Israel Aggrey and his team members attended the crusade. For thirty years, Israel's team interceded for souls and God to send a mighty move of God to pierce the demonic armor in this city filled with witchcraft. The harvest was ready (John 4:35), and 1.2 million attended in person over four days, resulting in approximately 300,000 additional decision cards for Christ.

When you partner with VirtualChurchMedia, God only knows how far-reaching your seed will go, reaching unto the uttermost parts of the earth through our partnership and work with other ministries! Together we are better - We need one other!

Joanna's music - Joanna completed two music CDs this year: 1) Inner Reflections and 2) Deeper Waters. These soaking CDs capture the hearts of non-believers and believers alike as the music in Hebrew and English helps usher people into the presence of the King, where He transforms their lives.

Crowning Events – Joanna is finishing her reign as Ms. America in 2022. She has been doing princess crowning events in Houston, Oklahoma, Florida, and California. During these events, women of all ages receive a revelation of their God-given identity while being crowned. I cannot tell you the impact this experience has on these daughters of the King as they cry and weep. The results are often miraculous; freedom from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, promiscuity, self-hatred, and cutting. These crowned daughters become Proverbs 31 women of God. You also share in this harvest.

In April of 2022, Joanna is hosting a two-day Women of Royalty conference with 200 women in Orlando, FL. to release the revelation of God's Women of Royalty: Revealing the Diamond Within. You can join us in person or help by sponsoring an attendee. Tickets for this special two-day event are $150/person. Stay tuned for the event website, or contact for updates.

In January/February 2022, we will launch, a subscription-based platform that offers all our resources and teachings under one roof. Accelerated spiritual growth is made possible using cutting-edge technology. We call it ministry at the speed of purpose. On-demand from the palm of your hand. This library of curated content includes David's E-Books, Joanna's music, our audio and video teachings, podcasts, and David's soon-to-be-released audiobooks. We are grateful to all for helping make all these blessings possible over the last seven years by gifts, prayers, and partnership through 

TV Broadcasts - Since arriving in Florida, we've been invited as guest speakers on several International TV broadcasts. In March, we were honored to speak and pray during the live Global Day of Prayer to more than 100 million viewers. Shortly after that, we were interviewed by Katie Souza on Faith with Katie TV, broadcast on the Faith Now Channel. And, in January 2022, David is scheduled to record with Sid Roth, Its Supernatural Network. We are astounded at what God is doing!

Would you join us through a generous year-end gift today that will make a lasting IMPACT for the Kingdom in 2022? Give now.

We also are asking you to pray about a monthly partnership in 2022.

$15, $30, $50, or $100 a month will help enable us to go to the nations - virtually and in-person - using our cutting-edge platforms developed "for such a time as this!"

This year we added additional giving options on our website for the convenience of our donors. We now have Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Text-Giving, Stripe, and PayPal, in addition to Bank-Wire, Check, and Credit cards.

Please consider sharing this ministry with others by forwarding this email or posting on social media. Thank you!

Your Prayer Requests: Let us know how to best pray for you. We take prayer requests seriously. We have a team of committed intercessors, including 30 in Africa, who prays during the night watch. You can respond to this email (or call us), and we will reply personally. Others can email us at

Richest Blessings to you and your household!

We are praying for you and your family. We declare household salvation in 2022! Acts 16:31 - We stand with you in Faith!

David & Joanna Hairabedian


Joanna's new CDs

Coming in 2022 - Women of Royalty Conferences (April 29-30, 2022, Kissimmee, FL)

Coming in 2022 - (February 2022).

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Coming in 2022 -

Virtual Church Institute

(January/February 2022).

Subscription based access

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

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Coming in 2022 - Women of Royalty Conferences (April 29-30, 2022, Kissimmee, FL)

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Sending Bibles to Prisoners

Bible packings scheduled January 8 & 15, 2022

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Joanna and I want to say a big Thank You for your partnership and giving. Your gifts and partnership help make all things possible!



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