April 23 2020

In this notice:
  • Virtual Classes
  • Update on Re-opening
  • Ralph's Birthday
Re-Opening Update

We never thought we would be closed for over a month when this started 5 weeks ago. Now it seems possible it may extend into 2 months but rest assured, we are fighting to get the club open as soon as it is possibly safe to do so.
As we work with our local governments and talk to other clubs around the globe, we realize that when we reopen the way we use the club may look very different than it did prior to Covid-19.

We are focused on implementing and complying with CDC guidelines and industry standards which continue to evolve. Here are a few of the protocols that we are considering as we launch our reopening plan:
  • Moving classes outdoors and limiting class size
  • Spacing out the equipment to allow proper distancing between members
  • Providing sanitation stations throughout the club
  •  Increase janitorial staff during the day to ensure all equipment is getting clean thoroughly between each use
  •  Limiting the number of members in each area at a time

The bottom line is we do not know when we will be able to reopen or what reopening will look like. In the meantime we are going to do everything we can so that when the time comes we are prepared and our members will feel confident that the club is clean, safe and ready to welcome you all back!
2Go! Classes

The Club & Studios are excited to launch our 2Go! Virtual Classes using new software, hardware and a robust schedule of classes with your favorite instructors. We are using the Studios software to host this program. These classes include new offerings; Armed & Dangerous , Dirty 30's and Leg Up as well as your favorites; Urban Kick , Zumba , Core Conditioning and Inferno Pilates .
The full schedule begins Monday, April 27.
Celebrating at a Distance
Last Monday was Ralph’s birthday. Ralph is the guy who makes the club run. He has a sense of knowing something is not working long before anyone else would notice. He has a rare dedication to his job and often will work at 4am simply so the members are not inconvenienced by his work. Previous maintenance workers would drain hot tubs in the middle of the day because that was a convenient time for the worker, not so much for the member. Ralph, on the other hand, thinks of the members first and it does not go unnoticed.
That is why on Monday, when Ralph had a milestone birthday, members organized a parking lot surprise party for him. He is not much of an attention seeker and thus, was a little embarrassed but within minutes settled in and enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces.
Thank you Tori Meredith for organizing this event and it reminded me, once again, why I love our Montecito family. Our members are wonderful and so kind to our staff. We are all anxious to get back together again and until then, be well my friends. Catherine DuBay