March 27, 2020

In this notice:
When will I see you again?
By: Catherine DuBay
This picture popped up as a facebook memory yesterday and it just made me sad. Thursday & Friday are my days to teach cycle and I cherish that time. I love the community in these classes and more so than ever, I am craving that community. We will be back together again and in the meantime I am so happy to offer virtual classes for our members. More details are deeper into this email. Take care and we will get back in the saddle together again soon!
Virtual Classes
Coming to you live from...Montecito Heights; virtual classes! Grab a mat, maybe a set of weights or a couple cans of corn or whatever you have in your house and join our instructors for a workout.
You can participate in the classes live or you can do it when it is convenient for you.
How? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (even though it says Studios Cycle Core it is a shared channel with Montecito Heights) This is where you can live stream the class or come back later and see all of the classes on our channel.

Check out the schedule . The schedule will be updated each Friday for the following week. You do NOT need sign up for the class. And be sure to check the channel regularly as we are adding classes all the time that are not live streamed or on the schedule.
Thank you Chef Annie! You helped me out this week with the delicious meal I ordered. First, having a full nest again is challenging and adding a broken dishwasher to the mix makes it even more interesting. So, I caved and ordered a to-go meal from the Flamingo on Wednesday. It was perfect. Everything tasted great and the to-go containers were NOT plastic which is such a pet peeve of mine. So well done! Loved the gluten-free, vegan cookies. I highly recommend this! Catherine GM