Another online charter school success story!


Virtual Community School of Ohio

Meet Ryan Phillips, Class of 2016 - Valedictorian

Before enrolling at Virtual Community School of Ohio, Ryan was struggling academically. He was severely bullied at his traditional district school during his middle school years.

In his own words -

"The bullying continued to the point that it was affecting my schoolwork. That's when my family said, 'enough is enough' and found Virtual Community School of Ohio. (VCS)

Once enrolled in VCS, the distractions that I faced in my 'brick and mortar' school vanished and my confidence began to return. Looking back, I can laugh about how much that I stressed over the social problems as a middle school student.

During my freshman year at VCS, I began taking college courses through Kent State University, as part of the Ohio's College Credit Plus program. I earned 47 credit hours through that program - with no expense to me or my family!

Today, I am graduating from Virtual Community School of Ohio having earned a GPA 4.2 and was selected as the valedictorian for the Class of 2016.

After college, I plan to pursue a career as an Audiologist-Speech Pathologist. My grandma became very ill a couple of years ago, had to have surgery and then needed speech therapy.
I loved the way the therapists worked with her, so that's what really got me interested in it as a career.

With so much of my college work already completed, I hope to have my college degree within a year or two."

Congratulations to Virtual Community Schools of Ohio

'Meeting the individual needs of their students'

June 15, 2016