Big news this week, Duolingo launched its Yiddish language program. A huge demand for Yiddish classes during the pandemic led to this remarkable free online course. Read about the curious collaboration between secular academics and religious Yiddish speakers! Visit the site and start learning.
There have been so many films focusing on Israel's only female prime minister - this film however, will focus on the period of the Yom Kippur War. Production begins later this year, led by Israeli director Guy Nattiv, who won the 2018 Academy Award for best short for “Skin,” a film involving neo-Nazis that he later made into a feature (see the short film free here).
Must-see quirky Jewish photos. Get ready to laugh.
Carciofi alla giudea has roots in Pope Paul IV’s Jewish ghetto. Food and water were scarce, and out of necessity, frying over an open fire became a popular cooking method, and artichokes were one of the few plentiful foods. Non-Jewish Italians showed distaste for them, referring to them as “the Jewish vegetables.” Read more about the history and get the delicious recipe!
There’s a wide spectrum of subtle effects offered with smaller doses and varied cannabis products. In this essay, a Jewish mother advocates for dropping the stigma around cannabis and truly lauds its place in connecting her to Judaism, Israel, and family.
"At age 14, Daniel had become a religious Jew, or 'baal teshuva', a phrase that in the beginning stuck in my throat. Being the mom of a ‘baal teshuva’ was hard—until it wasn’t." Read the moving true story.
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Another festival has come to a close - great thanks to you all for joining us! Until the next festival (coming this fall!), check out our exclusive Filmmaker Talk Videos. We were so fortunate to have four exceptional artists give their time to us.
Our local Holocaust survivors will be commemorated this coming Sunday at 2pm via Zoom. Information here. Registration required.
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