Jewish Australian Jemima Montag is headed to Tokyo to compete in her first Olympic Games as a racewalker. And it turns out that in addition to being a super talented athlete, Montag is a passionate and gifted baker! Read on!
In honor of the sitcom’s 32nd anniversary of its first episode, Lego announced a new, incredibly realistic “Seinfeld”-themed set! Check out the story.
All-of-a-Kind Family was the first mainstream book that highlighted Jewish children. Set in 1912 and featuring the adventures of five sisters in an immigrant family on the Lower East Side, the book inspired a series that went on to sell millions of copies and remains in print. The first-ever biography of the award-winning author Sydney Taylor has been published. The writing From Sarah to Sydney: The Woman Behind ‘All-of-a-Kind Family is as fascinating as the subject, as author June Cummins, while diligently researching, was dying herself, and did not live to see the biography published. Read the moving story.
Pianist Ian Scarfe performs live, sharing great American classics, showcasing how music of the Jazz Age became integrated into Western classical music styles. Featuring music by George Gershwin and Samuel Barber, and works by African American composers Florence Price and William Grant Still. Join Friendship Circle on Zoom for free this Monday, July 12 at 10:30 am. Register by noon on Sunday.
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Before he became a legendary singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen was a successful poet, novelist, and academic.The Canadian Film Board made this film about the 31 year-old Cohen in 1965. Cohen only decided to focus on a music career in 1966, and came to the US in 1967 to pursue it. This engaging and informal portrait catches the imaginative energies of a youthful poet. Cohen was born in Montreal to a prominent orthodox Jewish family. Enjoy this 44-minute film for free.
An enormous building that hosted public functions and government meetings in ancient Jerusalem is reopening to the public 2,000 years after its construction. The newly excavated structure is located next to the Israeli capital’s Western Wall. Read on! See a video below!
Israel’s Biblical Museum of Natural History is holding a public kiddush on Friday to celebrate the first baby snakes that have emerged from a crop of 38 eggs that Shayna, a 12-foot albino Burmese python, laid several months ago. Read on!
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