Virtual Deep Down Challenge  - #DivePiratesWanderlust  
Just because we pirates have been grounded from flying to our pirate lair for a week of pirate fun in the sun, doesn’t mean we can’t continue some of our trip traditions! Starting Today , June 16 th  (which would be the day we would dedicate one dive to the deep down challenge) we are kicking off our own
 VIRTUAL deep down challenge!  #DivePiratesWanderlust 
We believe in life-changing empowerment!
We believe in celebrating life after injury!
This Virtual Deep Down Challenge helps our recipients meet their fundraising goals and experience the freedom, friends and fun of diving. It also pays it forward to those who do not know yet what it means to be a Dive Pirate. Let's invite more to the crew!
Five Ways to Win! 
  • Most creative picture (description below) $100 gift card/coupon to the Dive Pirates Store 
  • Raise $250 or more – get your own Dive Pirates face mask 
  • Raise the most money – get an Aqualung i200c dive computer, you pick the color! 
  • Raise money as a team! Family or friend groups rally to get limited run “Speak your Truth-Live Your Truth!” Dry Fit Shirt (limit 12 to a group/family) 
  • Just participate and get 10% discount on the Dive Pirates Store  
Dive Pirates Face Mask
aqualung i200c dive computer in six colors
Aqualung i200c Dive computer in color of your choice
trip graphic 2020 speak your truth
Limited run Trip shirt for the trip that never was!
Four Ways to Play:  
In each of these ways to play you must incorporate: 
* Photo illustrating one way you are  celebrating diving while land locked.  (We do ask that if you are in your shower/bathtub, sprinkler, etc. that you use good judgement, be safe and by all means remain clothed 😊) 

*Either print this sign  and include it in your picture or create your own meme/etc. to include the words:  #DivePiratesWanderlust 
1 Create a personal Facebook Fundraiser 
  • Use this link  or go to your personal page and find fundraisers in the left side navigational bars.
  •  Build your own fundraiser selecting Dive Pirates.
  •   End date would be July 16, 2020.  
  • Title for your fundraiser can be anything you think will be eye-catching, or just have it all match and call it Dive Pirates Wanderlust.  
  • Here is some sample text to use in your description: 
You may not know that I support a band of pirates who face isolation and difficulty navigating this world every day, not to mention during this time. Help me help them celebrate life after injury!
 The Dive Pirates Foundation supports people with mobile disabilities; people in wheelchairs, with amputations, etc. some injured serving our country and communities. 
 Dive Pirates shares with them the freedom of adaptive scuba diving and being part of a group of friends and family to travel and explore together. 
 Right now they should be enjoying a trip together celebrating acceptance, comraderie, and more... instead they are sheltering in place, working on their e-learning and trying to fundraise during a time no one can gather and fundraise!   Please donate to this virtual dive event: #DivePiratesWanderlust 
2 Share the virtual dive event from the Dive Pirates Foundation Facebook page. 
We created our own fundraiser on our official page, but this won’t work if you don’t like it and share it with as many people as possible!  Anyone who comments with their own picture and shares it will be entered as officially participating for the 10% discount.   

3 Facebook not your thing? Enter on our website!  
  • Click Here 
  •  Upload your photo 
  • Download the form to enter and track your pledges 
  • Make a monetary donation from the pledges you have gathered 
Allow us to share your entry on our social media channels and celebrate your good will 
(This is a great way to go if you like to solicit your pledges independently (by letter, by phone calls, etc, just let us know in the memo box any info we can share to promote your generous friends and share your efforts)   
4 Or… forget all of that and click here for a downloadable form.  You can fill it out and send it with your pledges.  If you go this route, we’ll let you slide on the photo, but you can always email us a photo and we will put it in the mix….

 Have fun with it pirates, and if you have any questions, let us know!