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Updates from the Solid Waste & Recycling and Surface Water Division
What You Need To Know About Harmful Algal Blooms
Warm temperatures, lots of sunlight, and nutrient-rich waters can cause algae to reproduce rapidly, or “bloom.” These harmful algal blooms, or HAB's, often cause a thin, oily-looking scum on the surface of the water that can become several inches thick.

The blue-green algae found in HAB's can be toxic to humans, pets, and animals that live in the water. If you think you see a HAB call 253-835-2700 or email .

Click the image to the left to learn more about how to identify HAB's and what to do if you think you've been exposed.

Most importantly always remember: When in doubt, stay out!

Free Virtual Workshop: Trellis Gardening
At this interactive virtual workshop with Tilth Alliance, you'll learn how to grow a vertical garden. Learn which plants work best for vertical gardening and how to build a trellis.

Trellis gardening saves resources by allowing you to grow more produce in smaller spaces, requires less water, adds structure to your garden, minimized plant diseases, adds shade, and are easier to harvest.

Check out our event on Eventbrite, or register by emailing

Visit our Green Living Workshops page to see the full list of virtual workshops.
Recycle Right: PPE Edition
Face masks and disposable gloves can offer protection, but they don’t belong in your recycling cart. Make sure to pla ce them in the garbage after using them.

Disinfecting wipes and contaminated tissues should not be placed in your yard waste cart. These items should also be placed in the garbage.

Your actions will help keep the workers at the recycling sorting faciliti es and composting facilities healthy.
Are you decluttering during social isolation, only to find that second hand stores aren't accepting donations and recycling events are canceled? We understand the frustration, but appreciate your patience while we work with our partners and vendors to bring back your favorite drop-off events

Shredding events will return in August so you can recycle your confidential documents in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner. Social distancing protocols are in place, so please place documents for shredding in the trunk/back of your vehicle for the workers to retrieve without contact. Your container(s) will be returned to you. Schedule is subject to change, so please visit Free Community Shredding Events for updated info.
Transfer Stations & Wastemobile are Open, But...
The Bow Lake Transfer Station , Algona Transfer Station and Auburn Hazardous Wastemobile are all open, but we are encouraging residents to follow Governor Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order and wait to make a trip for items that do not require immediate disposal. King County Transfer Stations require verification of residence and may have long lines - please check online entrance cameras and wait times .
Maintenance Work is Essential Work
While many people are staying at home these days, you may have noticed City staff out in the field, performing routine maintenance work such as clearing storm drains, trimming roadside plants, or mowing around storm ponds.

This important work is essential, even during a pandemic. City staff are doing everything they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also keeping our infrastructure functioning and our roads safe to drive.

If you see maintenance crews out and about make sure to wave hello, but please help keep them safe while they do their jobs by always maintaining at least 6 feet of distance.

If you need to report an issue please call 253-835-2700 or email .
Happy Public Works Week!
When it comes to the City’s Public Works Department, essential is the name of the game. From repairing potholes and maintaining waterways, to inspecting construction projects, coordinating waste and recycling operations, and much more, Public Works is constantly working to ensure our community is functional, safe, and beautiful year-round.
Happy National Public Works Week! #NPWW