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At the Virtual Heroes Division of ARA, we create immersive, 3D interactive learning solutions and high-fidelity synthetic virtual environments. Our goal is to create realistic, detailed training, simulation, and educational solutions to improve your safety, security, and way of life. Visit our website.


Advanced Field Care Trauma Trainer

The battlespace is changing. Increased trauma survivability goes beyond point-of-injury training, to sustained prolonged field care skills. Tomorrow's training must be scalable, modular, and realistic. Poised to fill that need is SUSTAIN, a modeling and simulation prototype system Virtual Heroes developed for military field medical training. Read more


Cutting-Edge VR for 3D Synthetic Environment Collaboration


Those in the defense industry are no-doubt familiar with the Tactical Assault Kit (TAK), the open-standards software platform used by military organizations to communicate and share environment information in real time. We've been developing and enhancing the 3D version of TAK, VTAK, since 2019. You can see VTAK in action by visiting ARA's booth at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, May 16-19. We’ll show how VTAK uses state-of-the-art virtual reality platforms to take training, environment sharing, and navigation to the next level. Warfighters can perform mission planning and rehearsal in full 3D space. Soldiers don a virtual reality headset and interact with a geographically accurate 3D environment that’s built from real-world, dynamically updated terrain data. Soldiers can see routes, determine bearing, and analyze lines of sight. VTAK drastically improves situational awareness, giving soldiers and mission planners a true understanding of their surroundings.


Did you know that TAK is popular outside the military? TAK for commercial use is known as the Team Awareness Kit. We’ll be demoing the Virtual Team Awareness Kit at the 2022 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo, April 20-22. Our Vice President Randy Brown will be leading the session, "Real-Time, Real-World Environment Collaborations via Virtual Reality.” Find out how you can use virtual reality to visualize any geo-registered real-world environment, collaborating with tens or hundreds of team members in real time. Users can send and receive marked-up plans while onsite or anywhere around the world.

Contact us before or during the shows to set up a meeting! 


Oliver Gray

Meet Oliver Gray, Game Programming Lead for Virtual Heroes. Oliver has developed serious games for more than 15 years, working extensively with the Unreal Engine. He's provided the development backbone for many of our trainers, from first-responder training to cognitive assessment tools to training for AIDS prevention in Africa. Thanks, Oliver, for your dedication and commitment to excellence!


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