April 13, 2020
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Don't know what to do with all your time stuck at home? Join UConn Hillel and Huskies for Israel for some fun virtual programming!
Happy Passover!
Remember the Times of Passover Candle Lighting and Havdallah!
Candle lighting on Tuesday evening at 7:13pm
Havdallah on Wednesday at 8:13pm
Hillel News
Virtual Shabbat 4/17
Use the following link to connect with your UConn Hillel community and light Shabbat candles together at 6:45pm!

Senior Spotlights

ATTENTION SENIORS: Please take a moment to fill out this form so we can honor you for being a part of the Hillel community!

Virtual Coffee Dates

Missing our staff members? Bored at home and want some to chat with? Sign up for a virtual coffee date with Jacqui and Tom!

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Highlight From Last Week!
Our UConn Hillel community joining together last week to celebrate Shabbat together. Coming together is even more special in times like these and we are lucky to have our community support to do so!
Huskies for Israel News
Social Media
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"Learn Israeli With Your Favorite Israel Fellow"
Sign up for a coffee date with Tom to practice your Hebrew 1 on 1!

Virtual Jewish and Israeli Resources
Featured Event of the Week!
Sing a New Song
Register for this fun Hillel@Home event on Tuesday, April 14 at 12pm!

"Join musician Maya Abramson to uplift our spirits through new melodies, poems, and prayers." - Hillel@Home

Join Zoom University Hillel on Facebook!
Register for Hillel@Home's variety of fantastic speakers including an off the record, intimate conversation with Israel's ambassador to the USA, Ron Dermer.
For hours of individualized interactive Israeli content, make sure to check out iKonnect. iKonnect is a free website that is designed to encourage engagement with Israel by giving rewards for completing activities such as trivia, reading blogs and much more and it all revolves around Israeli culture and history.  Collect your rewards such as Starbucks gift cards or send it to soldiers in Israel.
Check out our partner Israeli organizations for some amazing online programming! They are putting up brilliant free content with some of the best speakers the Jewish world has to offer.

Have program ideas? Want to run a program?
As this has been a tough time and major transition for all of us, we wanted to remind you all the Hillel is and always will be there for you! If you want us to do anything over Zoom and/or Social Media please let us know and we'll try to do it!

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