April 6, 2020
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Don't know what to do with all your time stuck at home? Join UConn Hillel and Huskies for Israel for some fun virtual programming!
Hillel News
Virtual Shabbat 4/10
Use the following link to connect with your UConn Hillel community and light Shabbat candles together at 6:45pm!

Meeting ID: 641 944 459
Password: 646286
Senior Spotlights

ATTENTION SENIORS: Please take a moment to fill out this form so we can honor you for being a part of the Hillel community!

Virtual Coffee Dates

Missing our staff members? Bored at home and want some to chat with? Sign up for a virtual coffee date with Jacqui and Tom!

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Join Trinity College Hillel for charoset making to prep for Passover!
Join Trinity College Hillel for the second Seder of Passover!
Virtual School Tips!
1. Get ready as if you are going to class. If you usually bring a water bottle, coffee, or a snack to your class, prepare it and grab it before class begins. Keep your things within reach during class so you don’t need to get up to grab something from your kitchen. If you usually take a lunch break between classes, use that time to eat lunch, regroup and then log on to your next class. Try to keep your normal schedule and routine as much as possible.
2. Be prepared but be patient . Make sure you know how to use Zoom or any other online platforms, log in before your class, make sure the programs are downloaded and your camera and microphone work. Get comfortable muting/unmuting, turning your video on and off, and other features that you will be using during class. Also, understand that your professors might not adjust to using this technology as fast as you will.
3. There is no body language online. In a normal class you can show up early, sit in the front row, attentively take notes, and show interest in the subject. None of those things exist in an online platform. To show you are prepared you have to do the work and be prepared to speak up. Professors can’t see that you are taking notes, or that you look interested, you have to compensate for your body language in other ways like written and spoken responses.
4. You have to participate to be seen. There is no grabbing the professor for a minute after class or running into them on campus. Professors should be willing to meet with you outside of class but if you have a point to make, say it in class.
5. If you have questions- ask! Going to classes online means you don’t have those few minutes before class to chat with your peers about problem sets or the content of last night’s reading. When you remove the ability to sit around a table at the library and solve problems with your classmates it can be challenging! If something is unclear, or you have a question, you need to take the initiative to communicate with a peer or the professor to get an answer.
6. Try to use multiple screens or print things out. On a standard laptop screen, it can be distracting to manage the zoom window, your own notes, and the readings. If possible, try using an iPad to run zoom so you can have your screen free to take notes and look at the work. Or alternatively, print out class materials to free up some space. Because desktop space is at a premium, try to avoid temptation to scroll through social media on the side.
7. Be prepared for a shift in the way professors use your time In loosing face to face time- professors might give you more individual work or reading or small assignments, stay on top of it and know they are just trying to supplement the valuable class time
Huskies for Israel News
Social Media
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"Learn Israeli With Your Favorite Israel Fellow"
Sign up for a coffee date with Tom to practice your Hebrew 1 on 1!

Virtual Jewish and Israeli Resources
Featured Event of the Week!
Advance Your Career From Home
Join IAC Mishelanu, Masa Israel and Hillel to hear from Avy Leghziel and Sarah Mali for a conversation on career decisions .

Check out a virtual tour of Haifa's beautiful Festival of Festivals from StandWithUs!

Register for Hillel@Home's variety of fantastic speakers including an off the record, intimate conversation with Israel's ambassador to the USA, Ron Dermer.
Join Zoom University Hillel on Facebook!
Join the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven for a "conversation about love & relationship challenges unique to today’s new reality" in their event, Love in a Time of Quarantine.
For hours of individualized interactive Israeli content, make sure to check out iKonnect. iKonnect is a free website that is designed to encourage engagement with Israel by giving rewards for completing activities such as trivia, reading blogs and much more and it all revolves around Israeli culture and history.  Collect your rewards such as Starbucks gift cards or send it to soldiers in Israel.
Check out our partner Israeli organizations for some amazing online programming! They are putting up brilliant free content with some of the best speakers the Jewish world has to offer.

Have program ideas? Want to run a program?
As this has been a tough time and major transition for all of us, we wanted to remind you all the Hillel is and always will be there for you! If you want us to do anything over Zoom and/or Social Media please let us know and we'll try to do it!

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