We understand during this time it has been difficult to stay connected with patients and continue to provide the very best care. We also know that finding ways to make money while you sleep has never been so important as it is now. We have partnered up with VirtualHygiene™ to offer patients the best defense against the rapid spread of COVID-19 all while bringing cashflow back to your office.

VirtualHygiene™ created the first ever dentistry at home kit that includes OraCare - an activated oral cleanser that has been proven to kill viruses and BrushLink® - a device added to any tooth brush can reduce plaque by up to 71% over a 4-week period. This kit will allow you to improve your patients health at home.          
Step 1: Register your office as a VirtualHygiene™ Affiliate to get a custom link that can be sent to patients.  https://virtualhygiene.com/dentist-registration/

When your custom link is used to purchase a kit, you will receive $10 for each kit sold.
Step 2: Once you have received your custom link, send an email out to your overdue hygiene patients offering them this exclusive and limited offer. You will receive an email notification with every order so you know what patients purchased the kit.
Step 3: Have a team member contact the patient and schedule them for a 20-minute Virtual Hygiene Coaching Session with your hygienist. With the data received by BrushLink, your hygienist now has metrics to monitor their homecare and evidence to support that Oral Health Instruction was provided.  

Let’s help protect and stay connected to our patients!

With gratitude,

Fortune Management

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