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Virtual International Conference 2020 is almost here!
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This message is being sent to all Affiliate Director, coordinator, coach, and parent email addresses that have been entered into the IC Registration System!

Our 3D Virtual Platform is progressing each day and we are so excited about this opportunity! Our student's safety online is top priority. Before logging on to the platform on June 4th, each student will receive an invitation key. When the invitation key is used, the system will ask for a parent email. The parent will receive an email to give consent for their student to access the platform. An email will then be sent to the parent with confirmation of consent and the access key for their student. We realize this is a few steps, but we must adhere to various safety regulations (COPPA, GDPR, etc.) which is especially strict for students under 18. We truly appreciate your willingness to ensure proper regulations are followed for student safety!

Information about the Zoom sessions for students and adults will sent in the next IC Newsletter. This will include times, content, privacy rules, etc.

On our website you will find links to updated information about each competition - please visit often! Please make sure you thoroughly read any of the documents relating to competitions you are associated with and reach out with questions. The competition documents are dated so you can be sure you are reading the most up to date information!

Opening Ceremony (Thursday June 4th at 7:45pm Eastern) will launch on Facebook Live (and also inside the Virtual 3D conference platform)! Please follow Future Problem Solving Program International on Facebook for up to date news on IC!
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for MAGIC - we are excited to have so many amazing participants!

Registration for MAGIC has just closed, and students and coaches have not been coded and uploaded to FPSOnline. Access credentials will be sent after the close of the 2020 International Conference. Students will have a practice window to login and "meet" their teammates. This will give them the opportunity to strategize and decide what time to work during the competition window. Further details can be found at this link.
Scenario Performance and Community Problem Solving
As these competitions are not submitted or evaluated via FPSOnline, competitors and coaches who are solely participating in Scenario Performance and/or Community Problem Solving will not receive access credentials to the FPSOnline system.

The FPSPI 3D Virtual Platform will host a Community Problem Solving Showcase featuring each project's addendum and media presentations. Check out this link to read about the impactful projects that will be on display during IC 2020!

IC Slideshow
For many years a dedicated team of coaches from Connecticut have created and presented an amazing slide show of the International Conference. If you think a global pandemic will stop them - you are mistaken! We would like for you to take part. See this link for full details, submission information and ideas, and more!
Thank you to all of the coaches who reminded students and parents to complete the permission and behavior forms, your efforts had a great impact!

There are still over 100 outstanding forms. To complete the required forms, click here.

Students will not be allowed to participate in this exciting and unique virtual event if these forms are not completed/submitted to the International Office by June 1.

A final reminder will be sent Monday, May 25.

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