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We want to hear about your silver lining!
From clapping for our healthcare workers on the front-lines of COVID-19 at the end of their grueling shifts to teddy bears hunts for children , we have all sought and found inspiration, comfort and camaraderie in these tough times.

We invite you to spread some positivity and share what matters to you. Don't forget to send us a picture!
Research Partnerships Team #wfh Silver Linings :
Dani's Silver Lining
I have a 15 year old puppy at home, and it's been nice spending more time with him. Sometimes, it can be hard leaving him home alone 8 hours a day plus traffic. I am thankful that we are able to be together more. And, yes, he has his own pillow!
Linda's Silver Lining
As much as I love picking out a daily scarf from my collection to coordinate with a business outfit, the new business casual dress code sure makes it comfortable to breakaway from TEAMS and enjoy a power walk outdoors!
Abel's Silver Lining
I have been taking time to get out and explore my neighborhood by going on running excursions. In the process, I have discovered a beautiful stretch of road and a network of hiking trails.
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