Garces Family,

Wow, what a great first day of online learning! We are so impressed with how well our students and teachers adapted and thrived on just day one of using ZOOM. The majority of all feedback was extremely positive. While it was a very successful day, there are a few things we learned and need to adjust.

Virtual Learning Environment 
  • One of the main goals of the campus closure is to allow for proper social distancing. With that being said, we ask that students refrain from going over to friends' houses to do classes together.
  • Due to radio waves interfering with each other, when there are two or more students using ZOOM in close proximity a loud screeching noise occurs. The sound is disruptive to the class meeting sessions for both the teacher and other students in the class. We ask that if more than one student must be in the same house, please separate as much as possible.
  • Please refrain from too much movement when in ZOOM meetings. The microphones on your devices are very sensitive and pick up a lot of noise. We understand being at home comes with a lot of distractions, so we suggest students set up a quiet sitting area conducive to learning to help stay focused and successful.

As a reminder, administration and counselors will pop into random class meetings to help ensure all behavior is respectful. We expect our students to maintain the same behavior during their virtual meetings as they would in a regular classroom setting. Below are additional rules on top of the regular school rules students are expected to follow.

  • No hoods on during the virtual class meeting.
  • No gaming style headphones are allowed. Regular earphones and Apple Airpods are acceptable.
  • No virtual backgrounds. Teachers must be able to see real-time environments.

In terms of Garces Athletics, any practice of any sort in a group setting is not permitted at any location, not just on the Garces Memorial campus. The guidelines in place are for coaches to create workout plans for their student-athletes to conduct on their own while adhering to social distancing.

Again, we thank EVERYONE for such a successful day!

For more information and the latest updates, click here . If you have any questions, please email Principal Myka Peck .