The year has turned and spring is on the horizon. We hope you've been keeping up with the action alerts from the state League—activity at Beacon Hill is revving up again now that the holiday break is well and truly behind us. We're revving up too!

Though we have hope for the world opening along with the tulips, our League will hold our next event virtually via Zoom, on the eve of the spring equinox:

Virtual Legislative Coffee
via Zoom
with Rep. Natalie Blais, Sen. Jo Comerford,
Sen. Adam Hinds, Rep. Paul Mark,
and Rep. Susannah Whipps

Saturday, March 19, 10:00-11:30am

As the legislative session continues, our elected leaders have taken up crucial bills like the VOTES Act (the House is currently in negotiations with the Senate over a final bill) and the Work and Family Mobility Act (important info on that below), and the budget season for fiscal year 2023 is underway as well. There's no better time to hear from and speak with your state lawmakers about the issues that are important to you. Please join us!

Several of our members met with the Northampton Area League to learn more about their new housing study subcommittee. Primary areas of focus for the committee include the agencies, non-profits, and volunteer groups already offering support to the unhoused, and what role of government has had, and perhaps could have. Meetings have been virtual, so if this is an area of interest to you, let us know!

As we plan our calendar for the spring, we'd love to have your input. What is your comfort level with in-person events? What issues or activities would you like to see us undertake? Please share your thoughts by filling out this BRIEF survey. Thank you!

LWVFC board member Jean Cherdack has been working with the organizers of the Sunday Soup and Sandwiches at Saints James & Andrew Parish Hall to help renew their pool of volunteers for the program.

Key information:

  1. The to-go meals are prepared each Sunday in the Saints James & Andrew Parish Hall, and handed out immediately.
  2. Volunteer shifts run 10:45am-1:00pm, although arrival at 10:30am is helpful.
  3. Soup maker shift is slightly different, starting at about 8:30am. Not everyone is making soup, just the few that expressed interest.
  4. All sandwiches and soups are prepared at Sts. James & Andrew due to ServSafe regulations and transporting logistics.

If enough members are interested, we could volunteer as a group. Alternatively, members could volunteer when it suits them. Please email Jean if you'd like to add your name to the list.

LWVFC continues to support the SSI Restoration Act. The Campaign to Fix SSI has all the resources and tools you need to show your support too!

Supplemental Security Income is “a program of last resort” that provides monthly financial benefits to very low income seniors and people with disabilities. Almost 8 million Americans depend on this income for survival. But SSI has not been updated since 1989.

The SSI Restoration Act would address this, along with a host of other issues of inequity within the program. While it has 20 co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate and 60 in the U.S. House, those co-sponsors do not include U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern or U.S. Rep. Richard Neal. Also, both the Senate and House bill remain with committees.

Contact your representative today and ask them to support this bill. Visit for more information.

The Work and Family Mobility Act, H.3456, will be brought to the MA State House floor for a vote TODAY. Advocates have been working on this bill for fifteen years. Your voice is important to move it closer to the finish line. If you haven't already, please contact your state representative ASAP and ask them to vote YES on the bill as it stands. The Driving Families Forward Coalition is posting updates via their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and will be hosting a floor vote watch party today at 1:00pm. Register for the watch party here. Read more regarding the bill in The Boston Globe
In League,

Marie Gauthier, President
Nicole Moore, Vice President
Marge Michalski, Treasurer
Laura Luker, Secretary
Jean Cherdack, Director
Christine Turner, Director
Joannah Whitney, Director