Tolland County Chamber
of Commerce
My name is Sarah J. McComb. My focus is in business consulting and coaching, to help businesses come up with creative ways to restructure if they have needed to downsize due to current events, help bring business back up, or helping create an environment in which the business and employees can thrive.

 I wrote a book that was just recently published covering many topics, with an emphasis on the workplace and suggestions on helping it. (link included below). I am very multi-faceted, so I offer other services as well, which can be combined for customization if needed. 

 I have worked in many industries throughout my working career, so it is easy for me to think in terms of various business needs. Additionally, I am a certified coach.

Oh, and as time is a non-renewable resource that I do not like to waste, my goal is to help you get to where you need to be as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Contact me for a free 10 minute consultation at

5% of all services and book profits
get donated back to
The Nature Conservancy.

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