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Over the next several weeks I will be stopping by our Local Chamber Member Businesses and taking photos of their space, menus, items for sales, and anything else that might spark interest and bring business from the community. If you are a Chamber Member and would like me to stop by your place of business to take photos of what you are offering, please reach out to me by email at . If your business will not allow for visitors at this time, please feel free to email some photos and information so you don't miss this opportunity to be advertised!

I hope to see you in the near future!

Stay Well!

Director of Member Services
Tolland County Chamber of Commerce
Stop by and see J.P. for any of your needs!

I am J.P. Page, the water treatment specialist at Ray Page Plumbing Inc. We are a full-service plumbing company that is now doing water testing, treatment and even education on all things water. We offer free water testing. We can then recommend any services to correct any issues with the water. The main things we are looking for are pH, Hardness and TDS ( Total Dissolved solids). We also test for other elements in the water. A few of these are Manganese, Iron, Nitrates, Bacteria and More. Once we find out the levels of everything in the water we can then recommend a system to correct any problems. We also work in conjunction with a state-run laboratory on our more severe water or if we need to confirm a bacteria test. 
I am lucky enough to be in a plumbing company so all of our work gets the approval of a licensed plumber. Being that a licensed plumber is on the job we are then able to then help customers with other plumbing issues they may be experiencing. We are building a lab in our shop to have customers in to see demonstrations and have their water tested live. I have a video of one demonstration on our YouTube page and our website . We wanted to have a Saturday water showcase at some point. customers could bring in water to be tested. I would do my demonstrations and do a Q and A if you will.

FREE H20 Test
The Ray Page Plumbing Truck is EVERYWHERE!

Now THAT is a Toilet Seat!!
The Ray Page Plumbing Crew

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