This year the pandemic presented a real challenge for the OLLI Play Festival. Since life is still not back to normal we decided to do the play festival on Zoom. Playwrights stepped up by writing comic plays in which the characters were isolating in their own homes and had to meet with each other on Zoom, whether as a book club, a business meeting, or a date. Actors and directors joined in by auditioning and rehearsing on Zoom. The plays will be recorded and made available for viewing at the end of April. 
Get ready to enjoy four new comic plays in the 6th annual OLLI Play Festival.
Here is a preview look at the plays...  

“Telemarketer’s Torment” by Pamela Loyd 
Silvia has had it with too many telemarketer calls so she comes up with a variety of ways to make telemarketers sorry they ever called her. If you, like Silvia, have ever been annoyed  
by telemarketers, this play might serve as a comic How-To-Guide for you. But don’t worry,  
no telemarketers were harmed in the making of this play.  
telemarketer torment zoom screenshot
John Los 
  “Zoom Friends” by Joan Goodreau 
You know how it is after a year of the pandemic—we’re tired of everything. We’re especially tired of meeting on zoom and we’re getting a bit cranky. So when three friends have another get-together on zoom, the crankiness comes out. Friendships are tested, grievances are aired, and awkward questions are asked: “What’s that I see behind you, Liz?”   
oom Friends screenshot
Nancy Good 
 “Romance Reconfigured” by Pamela Loyd 
Separated lovers Mimsy and Stephan face a real challenge by the isolation imposed by  
the 2020 pandemic. They decide to keep their romance alive with weekly zoom dates  
that start out with well-mannered intentions but soon swirl into some unusual surprises  
and unconventional “reconfiguring” of what it takes to keep their romance alive. 
Romance reconfigured Zoom screenshot
Lea McCleary 
“Heartache and Homicide” a collaboration by members of the playwriting class: Joan Cleveland, Joan Goodreau, Pamela Loyd, Debbie Vermette 
A women’s book club meets to discuss this month’s book “Heartache and Homicide,” about  
a scandalous murder with numerous suspects. When the women disagree on who the murderer is, each one sets out to prove her theory by acting out how she believes the murder was done. Who would believe four sweet little ladies have such ruthlessness in their hearts? 
heartache and homicide play photo
Mary Kaye, Joan Cleveland, Angela Risdon, and Peggy Dufon 
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