A Note from the
Reference Desk
How best to reach Reference:
Phone: 973-566-6200 x4
Email: reference@bplnj.org
Purechat at bplnj.org

Adult Library hours:
Monday--1-3:45 & 5-7:30
Tues.-Friday--10-12:45 & 2-4:30
Saturdays--10-12:45 & 2-4:30

All patrons must wear a mask and maintain social distancing (6') from others while waiting outside the building for their job to be completed.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Print Service
Email us your job to reference@bplnj.org and we will email you when it is ready for front-door pickup. ($.20 cents per page for black & white, $.50 cents per page for color) No charge for jobs under $1. 5 or more pages must be paid for with credit/debit card when you pick up your job.

Bring your job to the front door with instructions as to what you need done and the completed job will be returned to you when finished.($.20 per page for black & white. $.50 cents per page for color copies) Charges $1 or above must be paid for with credit/debit card when you pick up your job.

Staff will scan your job either to your flash drive or email it to your personal email address. There is no charge for scanning.

Deliver the document, along with the telephone # where it needs to be faxed, to the library's front door. Charges are $1.50 for the first page and $.50 cents for each additional page. Payment by credit/debit card when you receive your confirmation page.