Volume 2 | February 1, 2021
Cascadia Technical Academy
Foundation Newsletter
Dennis Kampe
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From Our Development Director
This last year has been challenging and education has certainly been one of them.

Cascadia Tech Academy's Instructional staff have been going above and beyond this year creating unique lessons for students in a blended structure of remote and onsite instruction.  

February brings the first opportunity for incoming students to preview and enroll in a Cascadia Tech program for the 2021-2022 school year.  

Students! Get a prospective look into our inactive and rewarding programs  Enjoy!

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Sophomore Tours are going virtual! 

Click on the video to watch the Sophomore Presentation by Cascadia Tech's Staff.
Cascadia Tech Academy Program Overview
Click on the video to learn about the variety of programs offered through Cascadia Tech Academy.

Cascadia Tech Program Spotlight
Business Principals
If you are interested in working in an office as an administrative assistant or owning your own office as an entrepreneur, Business Principles will help you reach your goals.

Hospitality and Tourism
Students enrolled in the Travel and Hospitality program will learn the skills to be successful in the travel industry, including marketing and customer relations.

Criminal Justice
Have you thought about a career as a police officer, an attorney, a correctional officer, or working in the courts? Then Criminal Justice is the program for you.

Diesel Technology
Do you have an interest in working with heavy equipment? Then check out our Diesel Program where you will learn operation theory, maintenance and repair of large trucks as well as off-road equipment.

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