GDA is supporting our clients and contacts in navigating the virtual world of keynotes by sharing our favorite virtual speakers. Whether the speaker has been providing virtual presentations for decades (some have since the late 1990's!) or just recently transitioned their in-person presentation to a virtual version, we see these speakers providing our contacts valuable content that has been carefully developed with the client and audience in mind.

 Neuroscientist & Mindfulness Expert
A world-renowned expert in the field of mindfulness, Kristen Race’s programs have been used by businesses, schools and families worldwide. Not only does she have a fantastic in-person keynote, but Kristen has been presenting online training programs for years, providing simple mindfulness strategies and tools that are designed to create resilience towards stress. Whether in-person or presenting remote, Kristen has a dynamic and accessible style making her a great fit for all audiences.

With varying degrees of social distancing orders currently in place for much of the world, companies, schools and families are facing unique experiences with the impact on work and personal lives. Kristen’s keynote, Building Resilience in the World of COVID-19 , is a live, 45-minute interactive webinar for organizations. She discusses the emotional journey around COVID-19, the impact of stress on our brains, and provides strategies to re-gain control of your mind & your day, manage distractions to find focus including tips for working from home during chaotic times and how to build resilience to capture the power of positivity. 

Watch Kristen’s video to hear her initial reaction to COVID-19 that led to her mindfully adjusting her approach in her thinking so she could get back on track, become mentally resilient and even find joy in the process. 

WSJ Contributor and Frequent Fox News Commentator
With humor, energy, a deep knowledge of history and the benefit of 15 years in Washington, D.C., Misha Auslin's virtual keynote  The New Cold War? US-China Relations after Coronavirus  will give your organization a look at the most critical issues concerning U.S.’s current relationship with China and what can be expected in the coming months and years.

Misha brings a world-class background from policy and academia. His inside access to current and former policymakers gives him a unique perspective, and as a former professor at Yale University, Misha is one of America's most respected geopolitical analysts. His 2017 best-seller, The End of the Asian Century , was the first book to warn about the dangers in China, and his writings for the Wall Street Journal and other leading publications are read by senior government officials and business leaders around the globe. As a distinguished fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution, one of the world's most prestigious think tanks, Misha is in regular contact with national and global leaders, allowing him to bring the most up-to-date information to his presentations. Misha's advice is sought after by the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and leading corporations.
Watch Misha’s Fox News video discussing China’s responsibility with the coronavirus pandemic.

Founder & President of Win-Win Entertainment
At the end of 2019, Jeff Civillico wrapped up a 10-year run on the Las Vegas Strip as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment. Now he is able to bring his infectious energy to in-person events on a regular basis and is making his mark on virtual events as well. Jeff blends his perfected art for entertainment with friendly audience interaction and insane amounts of energy. He has transitioned into an essential part of a virtual event team, the host. Keeping the attention of the audience in a remote setting is challenging, but Jeff seamlessly pulls all the event elements together to create a cohesive conference experience that is still engaging and impactful.

Jeff also offers a single virtual event experience combining his in-person show and team-building workshop. Pairing his clean comedy show with a juggling workshop has proven to be a hit! These workshops can be tailored to organizations, reinforcing themes of connection, trust and teamwork or more “entertainment-based” to include the families of employees as well.  

No matter how you utilize Jeff, you can expect your event to be high energy, interactive and FUN! Watch Jeff’s video for a testimonial from a recent event.