Water Treatment Plant - Virtual Tour!
Take a virtual tour of Ventura's oldest water treatment facility! Learn how drinking water is treated and cleaned before it reaches your home!

In the upcoming years, Ventura Water will make significant investments to improve
water quality, secure water supply, meet regulatory needs and protect the environment. Learn more at www.VenturaWaterRates.net and tune in to an upcoming Water Commission meeting to participate in important discussions on water and wastewater rates.
The City of Ventura refinances debt, saving ratepayers over $15 million
The City of Ventura recently refinanced large portions of Ventura Water’s outstanding debt, resulting in a $15.95 million savings. Bonds and low-interest loans are commonly utilized to fund large-scale capital improvement projects. In 2005, the City received $20 million from the Safe Drinking Water State Refunding Fund to finance improvements to the Avenue Water Treatment Facility. In 2012 and 2014, the City received a series of bonds to execute necessary upgrades to its water and wastewater systems. The refinancing of these funding sources resulted in a 17 percent savings on Ventura Water’s $104 million debt balance. 
Finance and Technology Director Michael Coon stated, “With interest rates near a historic low, now was the perfect opportunity to evaluate the Water and Wastewater Enterprise debt. Although refinancing can be a timely and intensive process, we are thrilled with the outcome and proud to achieve these savings for our ratepayers.”
The refunding bonds pricing and sale took place on December 3, 2020, with the transaction closing on December 17, 2020. The refunded bonds were assigned a “AA” rating, affirming the City’s strong credit standing. The bonds were well received in the marketplace. Investor demand exceeded supply, resulting in savings that surpassed initial projections.
“Ultimately, these savings will help offset costs that would have been covered by our ratepayers,” said Ventura Water’s General Manager, Susan Rungren. “Ventura Water is committed to responsible fiscal stewardship. We will continue to pursue funding and financing opportunities that limit financial impacts to our customers.”  
The City of Ventura is currently undergoing an 18-month long Water and Wastewater Rate Study to ensure sufficient revenue is available to reliably operate and maintain water and wastewater services.

“In the upcoming years, significant investments are needed to improve water quality, meet mandated regulations, and secure sufficient water supply,” stated Susan Rungren.
Recommended rate changes will be presented to City Council in Spring 2021. If approved, new water and wastewater rates will be implemented in July 2021. For more information on Ventura Water’s Water and Wastewater Rate Study visit www.VenturaWaterRates.net
Capital Improvement Accomplishments
Despite a challenging year, Ventura Water remains committed to providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services for our community!

Each year, millions of dollars are invested to replace and repair infrastructure, improve operations, and enhance customer experience. This video highlights some of the major capital improvement accomplishments from 2020.
Happy Holidays Ventura!
In observation of the holidays, Ventura Water’s Customer Care office will be closed on Friday, December 25, 2020.

Limited staff will be available from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm on Monday, December 28, 2020 through Thursday, December 31, 2020, to assist customers with general billing inquires.

For water bill payment options, visit www.venturawater.net or call Customer Care at (805) 667-6500. For water emergency, contact (805) 650-8010.For additional information on City Hall’s Holiday schedule, visit www.cityofventura.ca.gov.