Updates from The Giving Tree
- October 2020 -
In this issue:
  • Join in on the fun for Virtual Trivia Night!
  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Have you seen our Kindness Cafe' Blog?
  • Raising awareness in October
  • ... and more!
Virtual Trivia Night
Friday November 6th

Join us for our Virtual Trivia Night... from the comforts of your own home! The event will look different this year but will be just as fun and exciting as in years past! Rally your trivia buff friends from near and far! Play as a team or compete against each other. It will be a night of fun, fast-paced trivia fun!

Click on the links below for more information and to register.
Event Sponsorship

We are looking for event sponsors for our Virtual Trivia Night. Be a part of our biggest fundraiser of the year! Have your company mentioned in our promotional materials, on social media and mentioned LIVE the night of the event!
Kindness Cafe' Blog

Have you been checking out our BLOG? Visit The Kindness Cafe' for ideas, information and stories about community service and giving back. Our latest post is about older youth setting good examples with kindness. Encouraging and inspiring younger children by paying it forward.
World Homeless Day
October 10th

This day is a reminder to all of us that the homeless population has many needs and to keep in mind the many opportunities that are there for all of us to help.   Consider a family project to bring awareness to your children. We have several projects that benefit the homeless community. Even something as simple as a card of encouragement to lift an individual's spirit. What a great learning opportunity.   #homelessday
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is the perfect month to raise awareness about adopting animals from area shelters. To honor these four-legged pups, consider:

·      Donate supplies to an area shelter
·      Make dog toys (click below for instructions)
·      Post on social media using the hashtag #AdoptAShelterDogMonth
· Make homemade treats
·      Collect old t-shirts for us. We use them to create dog toys for shelters & rescues.
·      Adopt! Check out our list of shelters and dog rescues we work with!
Neighborhood Service
Leaders Needed

Become a Service Leader for your neighborhood by organizing Take Home Service Kits. Perhaps even organize a virtual service project party! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Take orders for the kits
  2. Deliver the kits to the families
  3. Collect them afterward to bring to The Giving Tree.
We take care of the rest! All Neighbor Service Leaders will receive a special certificate. Contact us for more information.
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