Grace Lutheran Church
Vacation Bible School
"Loving Our Neighbor"
Thank you for your interest in our Grace Lutheran Church Virtual Vacation Bible School. We have a fun week planned. Starting Sunday August 9th you'll start receiving daily emails with all the activities for the day. Most videos are short and sweet. Each email will contain a Scripture Reading, a Bible Lesson with two very easy follow up questions that parents and kids can discuss together, an activity that will hopefully get families outside some, a craft and also some songs that can be sung together. Families can spend as much time as you want with the videos and activities each day. They don't have to be done all in order either so if you want to spread it out for more than a week that is just fine. We just hope you all are able to have fun with it!

Check out our intro video below
Most craft supplies can be provided otherwise below is a list of all supplies needed for the crafts. If you would like a prepackaged craft bag you can stop by the church to pick one up or we can deliver one right to your front door. You can contact Ben at or call or text him at 507-524-3254

Craft needs 

Colored pencils, markers, crayons, or paint***

Quilt Squares 
Paint or sharpies***

Pinecone or toilet paper tube
Peanut butter***
Yarn or some sort of string 
Bird seed

Friendship bracelet string

Printed Cup
Colored pencils or crayons***

Ding-Dong Ditch/May Day basket(Friday Activity) 

*** Not included in prepacked craft Bag
All supplies for the week can be found by coming to the west entrance of Grace Lutheran Church. Everything will be set inside on a table. Outside door is unlocked to be able to be accessed at any time.