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June 2020 Newsletter
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Your Culture Matters on Your Wedding Day

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Just in the last decade, the wedding industry has boomed. Couples are choosing to break with long traditions for new details that speak to them and their interests. Things like traditional venues and decor are being turned upside down and we love it all! We love how couples are embracing who they are and what they love and incorporating that into their wedding day.

But new ideas and trends don't have to come at the sacrifice of your family's cultural traditions. In fact, there's something wildly romantic about the juxtaposition of your family's long history with new ideas. You can have a traditional Irish ceremony in a funky downtown venue. Your ceremony space can have a beautiful chuppah covered in origami birds. One doesn't have  to come at the expense of the other. 

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Plenty of couples are still choosing to have their ceremony in their place of worship before moving to another venue for the reception. Some details to consider are:

Where Your Bridal Party Will Get Ready- While some places of worship will have space for you and your bridal party to get ready, it's not a given. So if your church or synagogue doesn't have that space, you'll have to find another location for everyone to get ready. This could easily be the home of someone in your bridal party or a hotel nearby. 

Transportation from the ceremony site to the reception site-  After the ceremony, you'll need a way to transport you and your bridal party from the ceremony site to the reception site. Keep in mind that if you want to take photos at a different location, you'll need to account for that as well. We've seen some really fun and creative ideas like a firetruck when the groom was a firefighter or a trolley! A lot of it depends on the size of your wedding party. 

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Daring to Be Different With Bridal Style

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It's always fun to add a dash of whimsy and break with tradition in the style department of your wedding. We love when grooms look dashing with a pop of color, whether that's a whimsical tie or an amazing suit jacket. Another idea is fun shoes! Rock your favorite Vans or sneakers with your tux or gown. It's your day and you should feel like YOU!

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Brides who dare to be different are embracing who they really are. If white just isn't your thing, try something different with a different color or a shorter gown. All eyes will be on you either way so have some fun and do what you need to do to feel beautiful. 

If your culture has traditional gowns for celebrations, embrace it and go all out! We love seeing all of the gorgeous attire at weddings that embrace their family's long standing traditions, like a sari in beautiful colors. In traditional Indian weddings, the bride typically wears a red sari for the Hindu ceremony and then sometimes opts for a different color sari for the reception or even a Western gown. We love every detail!

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Breaking With Tradition With a Different Kind of Reception
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There's no rule saying you HAVE to get married in a traditional setting like a big hotel ballroom or under a tent. Think of somewhere that means something to you and your partner. If you love music and seeing shows together, have your wedding at a music venue. If there's a restaurant that you LOVE and you have a smaller wedding, have your reception there. 

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