Volume 1 | March 18, 2020
We're going virtual!
Junior High Video Scavenger Hunts
Senior High Netflix Watch Parties
Instagram Live Videos
GroupMe Chats
Social Media Connections
This community is a great way to connect with the church while we are physically separated!

This is a Facebook group for parents, students, and families.

This Instagram page will be a central location for information for our Senior High activities, plans, times, and more!
Virtual Junior High Fellowship
Friday Night - March 20

We will gather over Zoom for some games, discussion, and good ol' fashioned virtual face-to-face connections.

If your Junior High students does not have a phone - please let them borrow a phone or computer so they can join us!!

I'll send an invite to a Zoom meeting on Friday morning.
Virtual Senior High Netflix Watch Party & Discussion
Friday Night - March 20

Netflix is now letting virtual groups join together to watch a show together. We are going to watch the next episode (or 2) of The Good Place - then we'll shift over to Zoom for a discussion and a silly game or two.

(I'm still trying to figure out how to play Empire over Zoom...)
Join Me on GroupMe!
I'd love to stay in communication with you all during this time.

I'll send invites to Virtual Youth Groups, Instagram Live Video, and Netflix Watch Parties!

Plus, I'd love to send some ideas for spiritual practices that you can engage in during this time of uncertainty and unease.