Volume 28 | November 13, 2020
Volunteers Needed for Virtual Worship
November 22

I am looking for students who are willing to make a short video for our virtual worship service on November 22*

Are you interested in reading Scripture, offering a prayer, welcoming us to worship?

Please be in touch with Kara by Sunday, November 15th if you are interested.

I hope we can showcase many of our youth on the 22nd!

*Videos will be due by Wednesday, November 18th by 8:00pm
Youth Group Covenant Groups

With colder weather upon us and COVID on the rise in Lake County, I am looking for new ways to connect with the students.

In November I will be starting several Covenant Groups. These groups will consist of 5-6 students and will be lead by Kara and another adult.

  1. What are Covenant Groups? 5-6 students and 2 adults who will meet regularly as a small group. Groups will meet with students in the same program (Junior High Covenant Groups will consist of students in 6-8th grade, Senior High Covenant Groups will consist of 9-12th grade students)
  2. What will Covenant Groups do? These intention of the groups is to give students a safe way to gather to have some fellowship, play some (safe) games, study Scripture (participate in a devotional), and pray together. My hope is that we will laugh together, learn together, pray together, and get through this Fall/Winter together.
  3. When will Covenant Groups meet? That's up to the group! Students will be placed into groups and will be given a regular day and time that they will meet. You can make preferences of times and days that would work best for you when you fill out the survey!
  4. Who will be in my Covenant Group? That depends, when you fill out the survey you can choose 1-3 students that you would like in your group. We will do everything we can to honor the requests we receive. If a student would like to be randomly paired into a group, Kara will work to put like-minded students together.
  5. If we meet in person, how will you keep the groups safe? Covenant Groups will meet virtually or in-person at the church. When the groups meet at the church students will sit at least 6 feet apart in designated chairs at a table. Groups will most likely meet in the Social Hall where the ceilings are high and doors can be opened. Students will be required to wear a mask at all times. No food will be served. Most games will be played with students staying in their seats. Hand sanitizer will be available.
  6. Can I invite a friend who doesn't go to our church to be a part of my Covenant Group? To this I say, 'yes but...' Please know that the intention of these groups is to be a support-system for our students during this time of covid uncertainty. If a student signs up for a Covenant Group, it will be understood that they are ready and willing to participate regularly.
  7. How do we sign up? Fill out this form by Friday, November 7.
Academic Year 2020-2021

These new forms are ALL digital
AND you only have to fill out ONE FORM for your WHOLE FAMILY!!
Social Media Connections
This community is a great way to connect with the church while we are physically separated!

This is a Facebook group for parents, students, and families.

This Instagram page will be a central location for information for our Senior High activities, plans, times, and more!