Volume 29 | November 24, 2020
Advent Virtual Youth Ministry Offerings

Now that the weather has turned cold and dark, I'm excited to offer the opportunity to connect virtually with all our students during Advent.

We will jump into our Covenant Groups in the first week of December. It's not too late to join a group!

Groups will be notified via email with a time for our gatherings.
Advent Social Media Challenge
Word-by-Word Photo a Day

Advent begins on Sunday, November 29th. I'm inviting you to join me in a photo-a-day Advent challenge.

It's SO easy! Just snap a picture using the day's theme and upload it to Social Media using the hashtag #fpcadventwords2020

SHF Students are welcome to share on Instagram (where I will be sharing). Parents can also add to our FB group (see link below).

I'll be posting every day so I hope you will join me!!
Social Media Connections
This community is a great way to connect with the church while we are physically separated!

This is a Facebook group for parents, students, and families.

This Instagram page will be a central location for information for our Senior High activities, plans, times, and more!