The storm clouds are gathering.

Will we remain silent as our nation turns away from its Judeo/Christian foundation?

Will our nation, and the religious freedom we cherish, survive?

Will the church in America be immune from the persecution our brothers and sisters around the world are experiencing?
I am seventy-six years old. Through the years I have watched our nation slide down a “slippery path.” I'm deeply concerned about what may lie ahead.

My friend, Pastor Michael Gantt, says: "Because of the rejection of God and His Word and because we have exchanged the God of Life for the gods of death and perversion, if there is no national confession of sin and if we cannot find a heart of repentance, a Holy God will complete his judgment; either by the complete annihilation or subjugation of what was once a great and godly people or by rendering it completely irrelevant on the world stage.”

As the director of the Colorado and Greater Philly Christian Writers Conferences, I have made it a priority to address the issues facing our nation and to offer workshops to equip us not just to "Write His Answer" (our conference theme) but also to "Live His Answer."

I have never forgotten the words of a friend who grew up in Switzerland before the start of World War II. She said, "The church in Germany saw what was happening, but the church in Germany was silent."

Below is information on one of our keynotes and six workshops that our part of "Impact Our Culture," one of the eight continuing sessions we are offering. This is an invitation to attend these workshops and the keynote FREE of charge. The conference is virtual this year, so you can watch from home or gather together as a small group to view one or more. And the videos will be available for two months, but you need to register!

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A critically important keynote
Leona Choy is the writer, editor, and collaborator of more than 50 books. She will turn ninety-six two days before the conference. She says, "As writers who are Christians, we can't afford to stand down, to back off from writing honest words in appropriate ways. We can't afford to live or write on the safe side by avoiding controversial topics. We must tackle edgy subject matter. Let's stand our ground and stand up for our faith and truth and righteousness even if we stand out with a target on our back."
Thursday, June 24, 7:15 pm EST

America at the Crossroads
Is it too late to restore America to a strong Constitutional Republic rooted and grounded in Judeo/Christian truths?
Charles is a Jewish follower of Yeshua and an author with a personal passion for American history and our nation's unique Christian heritage.
Thursday, June 24, 10:30-11:45 EST

The Burden of the Watchman
There are some who see what others do not see, hear sounds others do not hear, and discern danger before danger reveals itself. Should he sleep, the loss of the city will stain his hands forever.
Michael is a missionary, speaker, and author of Cry Mercy, Cry Repent, Old Paths and Ancient Markers: Guarding the Treasure of the Gospell, and other titles.
Thursday, June 24, 4:00-5:15 pm EST

Preserving the Family
The family as we have known it and God has designed it is under attack. How can we speak Truth and Life to this generation?
Rick is a historian and author of 74 books and hundreds of magazine articles.
Friday, June 25, 10:30-11:45 EST
Victory through Voice
Our nation is heading into spiritual darkness at exponential speeds. Society strives to shut us in a closet so they can slam the door on our message of grace, truth, righteousness, and life. We must avoid the closet at all costs. But how can we speak out in this cultural climate? Will we be persecuted for speaking truth when the culture demands silence? Let us follow in the steps of the first century Christians and trust God for the results.
Vicki is an author and screenwriter.
Friday, June 25, 4:00-5:15 EST

The Price of Mercy
Will the people of the United States find the grace to repent and grope our way back to our previous constitutional foundations? The dangers we face are serious, but the solution cannot be found solely in the political realm. The political views of men merely reflect the underlying worldview or convictions of the heart. The culture needs truth-bearers who will spread the light of Christian truths to an increasingly dark and hostile culture.
Dr. Bruce Porter is a pastor, speaker, author, podcaster, and responder.
Saturday, June 26, 10:30-11:45 EST

Get Out of the Boat
Step out of the boat of political correctness and “walk on the water” of Spirit-led writing that expresses the truth of God’s Word. Tackle sensitive subjects such as abortion and euthanasia from a biblical perspective.
Angie Bass Williams is a pastor, author, and speaker.
Saturday, June 26, 3:15-4:30 EST
The above eight hours is just a small part of the 100 hours of training the conference will provide on the craft of writing and marketing.

Would you please let the writers in your congregation know about the conference? (There are "closet" writers in every church!) B.J. Taylor's six-hour continuing session, "Writing (and Selling!) Personal Experience Stories," is likely to interest them. B.J. writes for and represents Guideposts. She has also sold 40 stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

There are 6 other continuing sessions to choose from including "The Novelist's Toolbox," "From Idea to Manuscript to Masterpiece," and "Write Nonfiction Books that Change Lives" plus 42 workshops. They will be available to view for two months after the conference.