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“Boldest and biggest American engineering project of its century”
After years of debate and interruption by war, October 1825 brought the opening of the Erie Canal that unlocked America's interior for trade and settlement. Transportation and food costs dramatically lowered. Boomtowns sprang up along the canal’s path and New York City, with its deep harbor connecting to the Hudson River, grew into the nation’s most powerful center of international trade and finance.
Undergoing a series of enlargements in less than a century, the Erie Canal now holds a central place in New York’s identity as the Empire State. Explore a selection of Erie Canal documents through our latest educational online exhibit and bring these resources into the classroom with Classroom Connections.
New York Archives Magazine is proud to present acclaimed author
Bill Greer
Tuesday, October 20th 12:30 p.m. 

Join New York State Archivist Tom Ruller and author Bill Greer as they discuss insights from Bill's new nonfiction narrative of 1872 New York, "a city convulsing with social upheaval and sexual revolution and beset with all the excitement and challenges a moment of transformation brings it."
New York State Archives Announces
2020 Student Research Award Winners
In celebration of American Archives Month and New York State History Month, the State Archives and the Archives Partnership Trust are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Student Research Awards. An annual statewide competition open to all New York State students in grades 4 – 12, the awards recognize excellence in student research and encourages students to explore the wealth of historical records held in cultural institutions and records repositories across New York State and the nation.

Presenting the Chodos Family Fund Archives Award for Excellence in Student Research Using Historical Records Honorees:
Grades 9 -12
Jericho High School, Jericho UFSD
Loving v. Virginia: A Love that Broke Barriers

2nd Place: Manav Bansal
The Wheatley School, East Williston UFSD
The Everglades: Wetlands not Wastelands

Grades 6-8
Jericho Middle School, Jericho UFSD
Rebel on the Bench: Thurgood Marshall Breaks Racial Barriers in Society

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Choi
Jericho Middle School, Jericho UFSD
James Reese Europe: The Jazz Lieutenant

Grades 4-5
1st Place: Sahana Sunda
Cantiague School, Jericho UFSD
Seneca Falls Convention - Paving the Way Towards Suffrage and Equal Rights for Women
New York Archives Magazine Announces
2020 Student Essay Competition Winners
The New York State Archives and Archives Partnership Trust awarded the inaugural New York Archives Magazine Essay Competition - Excellence in Collegiate Research Using Historical Records to two students who demonstrated thorough research and use of historical records to produce well-organized and in-depth research papers.

  • Undergraduate: Margaret Winton, Wagner College (Staten Island) - Parks & Social Recreation: How Nineteenth-Century Ideologies Shaped Central Park

  • Graduate: Shouyue Zang, University at Albany, SUNY - "Learn from Black Friends”: Chinese Americans’ Struggles for Housing in Manhattan’s Chinatown 1969-1971
From the Founding Fathers to Fake News Reprise
Thanks to all who tuned in to the inaugural New York Archives Magazine Online Speaker Series event with author Harold Holzer and guest interviewer Paul Grondahl. Watch the interview in its entirely here. Purchase a copy of Harold Holzer's book online via the publisher here.
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