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Spring apple flowers in spring blossom lit by soft sunlight_ spring floral background with blooming spring apple tree. Apple tree spring branch in the spring garden_ closeup of spring apple tree flowers. Spring flower landscape
In the Swing of Spring - where flowers bloom and virtual feels "real"

Between the blooming wildflowers along our creek path, the tulips and bleeding hearts gracing the yard, and redbud and cherry trees in glorious array throughout the woods, the world is awash in color and indescribable beauty! Spring is resplendent in its delicacy of form, sweet fragrance and abundance of life - an apt reminder that life triumphs.

Spring is also a time for pruning dead wood from the roses and forsythia bushes, cutting back the clematis vines, and dividing and transplanting the day lilies; clearing away the old and spent so that new shoots have the energy to emerge.

And, so it is with our lives. While we are sheltering at home, we have a great opportunity to clear our closets - both real and metaphorical - to uncover what is real and true in our lives, and to foster what might be ready to take form. I spent the weekend clearing over 20 years of old yoga files - clipped Yoga Journal articles to use "sometime", workshop and retreat handouts since 2005, tried and true resources that have shaped my teaching of yoga over the years. Themes emerged - the importance of home yoga practice, layers of learning about the effects of stress, the chakras as a guide to understanding our deeper selves, and a passion for scoliosis and structural yoga therapy. Those themes still shine in my heart and inform my teaching, but perhaps now they will find a new forum.

MSY has been virtual for 2 weeks and it is working! More than 75 students have ordered over 200 video links and are coming back for more. I couldn't be more grateful! In the midst of filling all those orders (that's me behind the virtual curtain) I also ponder what this may mean in the future for the studio. Perhaps we'll continue to offer some virtual classes for our far-flung students, or those workshops may become online courses. All is uncertain, except that the virtual has become our current reality and anything may emerge for the future.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me sweet notes of gratitude for what we are offering! It's lonely and just a little strange to imagine all of you when I'm teaching to my camera lens without you being present. So, your feedback makes a difference...as do all of you.

Sending an abundance of light and love,

Week 3 Schedule
Each week the MSY website will post 7+ videos available for ordering as 60 minute classes:

Week 3 Schedule - April 13 - 19
Moderate Yoga with Audra
Chair Yoga with Audra

Moderate Plus Yoga with Carla - (Moderate class with Vigorous options)

Gentle/Moderate Yoga - 5 Element Series - Fire - with Carla
(This series explores one of the 5 elements each week: earth, water, fire, air, and space)
Chair Yoga with Carla

Gentle Yoga with Audra

Chair Pilates with Mary

1) You can order more than 1 video per week
2) You can order videos from past weeks - mix it up to keep your practice fresh!
3) Once you order a video, the system sends a receipt to MSY. You will not get the video link immediately - it is sent manually from MSY, not from the registration system. Video requests are only processed twice a day - in the morning and late evening.
4) Please be patient for your videos and do not reorder if you don't get the link until later in the day. Thank you!
5) If you miss ordering on Monday, buy the Monday video on Tuesday and watch it on Thursday - it's a video!

Remember - If you are a weekly student (for example, you registered for the 8 weeks of the Thursday 5:45pm Moderate class), we transferred your 5 remaining weeks of classes into a 5 Class Pass. You can use that pass for any video classes between now and May 2, the end of the Online Spring Session. However, on that date your pass expires, so get busy ordering!
How do I register for classes?
For the answer to this and any other questions you have about our new online registration system, please:
Visit the MSY website for detailed instructions, complete with multiple screenshots, in the "Registration FAQs" blog here .
Online Session Challenge!
Use 5 passes in 2 weeks and receive a bonus video!

Many of you met this challenge - Congratulations!
Your bonus video will be coming to you this week.
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