May 2020 Issue 1
ProAct Together Virtual Enrichment Services begin
ProAct Together Virtual Enrichment Services will begin in Eagan on Monday, May 4. They will be provided in a classroom setting at a 1:4 ratio. Participants choose their hour-long classes from a monthly course calendar. Once chosen, participants and staff interactively follow a preset curriculum designed to enhance the lives of those served during social distancing.

Class options include current events, exercise and dance, health and wellness, self-advocacy, scavenger hunt, performance arts, creative writing, and technology, among others.

Virtual Enrichment classes are provided using Zoom software which can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Once a class has begun, the classroom is “locked” to ensure HIPAA compliance. The May classes in Eagan start on the fourth, so contact Stephanie Osman now for funding requirements and/or to refer! She's also reachable by phone at 651-289-3189.

ProAct in Red Wing is also planning for virtual services and will be reaching out to participants and their families starting on May 4. Pam Veith has more info - 651-327-5613.
Dear ProAct,

This is a lot of wonderful reaching out from a program and employees who are very missed.

  • My daughter, Dahni Jo Erickson, gets up every day and says, "Mama, ProAct (or school, or Owobopte) shut down.
  • Every night she says, "Mama, I go school (or ProAct or Owobopte) tomorrow?
  • All day she goes to the window and looks out and says, "Mama, bus is coming."

This is so difficult, sad and challenging. Dahni is sick of Mama. (Funny, but seems like yesterday she
would tell me or ask, "I stay home today."

Dahni has been at ProAct for 19 years. She is cared about, acknowledged and busy. In all honesty, you and your program are her everything.

She feels valued and is at home. She has fun, She is loved. What more could a mother ask for? Thank you all for being (and hearing this) news from a friend. I want to be put on the newsletter email if possible.

I also would like ASAP the information to set her up in classes. Please reply when you can as this would be one successful hour for her out of 24!

Dian Erickson
Shakopee staff drive by to visit participant
Tee is a participant at ProAct in Shakopee. DSP Rebel R. had the idea and Manager Ali B. organized it. There were five other stops like this on that day and about a dozen staff participated. Since participants can't come in for regular programming due to the COVID-19 stay home order, some staff are getting out to see them and stay connected. Special thanks to Tee's mom, Shawn P. for this video.
Join us as ProAct participates in #GiveatHomeMN. We are thankful for the generosity people have expressed with the recent donations. The CARES Act relief initiative allows taxpayers to deduct up to $300 ($600 for married couples) of cash donations to qualifying organizations without itemizing deductions. -More info-
More masks needed
ProAct anticipates that masks will be essential for both staff and participants upon their return and that they will be difficult to come by, so we are asking our partners for assistance in acquiring as many as possible over the next month, either purchased or self-created. Elastic type masks vs. those with ties are a better fit for program participants, but ProAct welcomes all mask donations. For more information please email Kim Feller or call her at 651-289-3144.
Responding to 'stay home' extension
Governor Tim Walz announced a two-week extension of Minnesota’s stay-at-home order on April 30, extending it until May 18.

ProAct will continue to follow the governor’s lead as it makes plans to reopen services that have been suspended. Staff will notify participants, their teams and other stakeholders as soon as a date has been set. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.
Comments posted on Facebook:

  • "Hi trouble, sure miss that smiling face. Miss you Chelsea! Keep that pretty smile going. Made my day!" various posters.

  • "Thank you all so much! Tee really misses his New Options (ProAct Shakopee) family." Shawn Pettus

  • "Hi Ali. I miss you." Megan Kennedy.
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