Please ensure you read the latest email from Bruce, Alison, & Rabbi Latz about our response to the coronavirus (Covid 19)
March 25 - March 31
We continue to move forward together into this new format for our community gatherings; here's our upcoming week of digital events we're hosting. All blue links will take you into the Zoom meeting, which you'll need to download if you've never used it before; if you'd like a simple tutorial click here ; please DO NOT log into the meeting before the start time as it can delay the entire meeting for everyone.

(if you're curious about links to Adult Education at Shir Tikvah, please reach out to your instructor.) Thanks in advance!
Drawing by Kochava Lawson
For more info about all these great virtual offerings, CLICK HERE for the adult programming and HERE for the youth programming
A Word about Money
There is a wise rabbinic dictum that says, Ein kemach, ein Torah; ein Torah, ein kemach — “If there is no food, there is no Torah; if there is no Torah, there is no food” In other words, if there is no food in our stomachs or if we don’t have the physical or emotional essentials for life, then it is impossible for us to absorb the words of Torah or experience spirituality. And if we do not have spirituality in our lives, then we are missing the essential nutrition for our souls.
In order to connect Shir Tikvah remotely, we are experiencing a variety of new and increased costs. This public health crisis is impacting each of us differently. Please make an additional gift if you are able, so that Shir Tikvah can continue to build infrastructure and Torah to keep everyone connected. Thank you for your gift to each other and this community. You can make a gift here
More Jewish Learning - So Far and Yet So Near
We are excited to share with you a sampling of the wealth of inspiring Jewish learning being offered by our colleagues around the country and world:
Hadar  Virtual Beit-Midrash
Hadar empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of  Torah Avodah , and  Hesed .
Hadar also pairs learners with a chavruta (study partner) for specific workshops through  Project Zug
Building Trust during the COVID-19 Era: Mussar Wisdom for Today.  
March 25, 6:30 pm CT: “In this one-hour session we will study and discuss Jewish sources on Bitachon/Trust and try out a Mussar practice designed to develop trust. This webinar is free and open to all, including folks new to IOWA programming, as well as those who have previously participated in Mussar courses.” More information and   Zoom link
Visit Hineni , Twin-Cities based Adult Jewish Learning and Contemplative Practice, Rimon for Jewish art-related events, SVARA : A Traditionally Queer Yeshiva, T’ruah:  the rabbinic call for human rights & TCJewfolk for community news, updates, and other events
Passover Memories: We want to hear from you!
Please click on the video below to hear from Sara Lahyani regarding a special request
Please forward your written
memories/stories etc to Sara
pesach 1960s style
Shir Tikvah members Sharon Jaffe, Jessica Mendel and her children Sinclair and Sebastian, Jenni Kahn, Julie and Isabella Jacobs, Kate Weiss, and Pat Levine and allies showed up at a Shabbas Social Solidarity Parade at Shalom Home to bring joy & community to the isolated Seniors this past weekend; if you want to join next time, contact Sharon Jaffe
For all the makers in our community who want to help-here are specs, instructions and request for surgical masks:

The MN Freedom Fund fundraiser, in cooperation with the JCA & Never Again Action is a way to engage in Immigrant Justice and support a community in crisis
If you are anyone and everyone working to support others during this pandemic (medical professional; nurse, doctor, technician, PT/OT, therapist, emergency responder, healers, massage therapists)  please let us know so we can support you & thank you
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