Happy Spring  to everyone in our community! We finally got some much needed rain in the bay area, Mother Nature has been hard at work trying to squeeze in some late winter precipitation for us.  Now that the hotter temperatures have returned its important to stay hydrated out there.  Be safe, drink water, Got Mulch? 

In the news......
Vision Recycling Visits Sacramento on behalf of the Association of Compost Producers to support Organics Diversion and Compost Awareness throughout California
On Wednesday May 2nd members of the Association of Compost Producers traveled to our state's capital to meet with assembly people and senators to "Spread The Gospel" about financial allocations for Compost and Organics diversion.  Vision's Andrew Tuckman and Adan Rodriguez joined others to inform state politicians about the need for Organics infrastructure including new facilities and developing markets around the state of California. " We're doing our part, now we need California to step up even further to provide what is necessary for achieving its goals" said Dan Noble of the ACP. The message was heard throughout the halls of the capital building loud & clear. Members of the group had little, round compost stickers on their lapels telling anyone who would listen that the governor must allocate more money if we are really going to get serious about composting. Our soil's health, pending landfill closures, the local crops, greenhouse gas emissions, storm water and our communities depend on it.  

Truly Sustainable Closed-Loop Organics Recycling At It's Best in Salinas California  

Vision Recycling's model has always been to satisfy the local market first, reducing trucks on the road and restoring soils for future use.  This means collecting yard trimmings from the community, processing locally and then returning the Organics "back to the soils from which they came." This past April, Robert A. Bothman Construction from San Jose purchased Soil Amendment for their new Salinas High School project which entailed installing new sports fields. All of the 2,000 yards of material was collected at our facility in Gonzales and then shipped 8 miles to the job site.  Thanks to everyone who made this local recycling possible.

Vision Recycling Staff Visits the DTE Bio Mass Plant in Stockton

On Friday February 23rd, staff from Vision Recycling visited the DTE Energy Plant where Organics & wood chips are burned for fuel at one of California's clean-burning facilities. DTE serves as an outlet for our undesirable, large, wood chip that we send on a monthly basis to Stockton. The goal of this field-trip was to have our store managers see the process first-hand so they know how clean our feedstock needs to be when it leaves the yard. Thank you to the staff at DTE for their time and "energy" showing us the impressive facility.   

Ever Wonder How Mulch or Compost Gets Applied?  One Minute Videos Will Show you How It's Done 

Mulch and Compost are used as a ground cover or incorporated into the soil as an amendment. There are several ways these products can be applied: Blowing the media is a quick and efficient method when dealing with large quantities, primarily with mulch on large landscapes or hillsides. This entails a large truck that uses augers and a blower pump to push the material through a long hose and onto the landscape.  Spreading compost is another technique for farms to incorporate natural organic matter into the soil by way of rotating paddles at the back of the truck. And finally the most common method is of course the wheelbarrow and shovel that has been around for thousands of years.  Here are 1 minute videos of each:

Vision Recycling Hosts USCC Operator Training Class 

On Wednesday March 14th, students with the Spring 2018 US Composting Council Operator Class toured Vision Recycling's facility in Benicia for a field trip of the grounds.  This was one stop along their route for students to see first hand feedstock being transformed into Compost.  



Photo of the Month Contest!  

This month's installment goes to Bill Halleck from ECI (Ecological Concerns Incorporated) based out of Santa Cruz.  This picture was taken by the pond at the Menlo Park City Hall.  Bill said, "the ducks really enjoyed Vision's Wonder Mulch ground cover. It's comfortable and nice to walk on for them."   



The Rains Are Over Use Mulch to Retain Moisture in the Ground & Protect the Soil! 

During the dry Spring months, with the rains over use Vision Recycling wood chips or mulch to prevent erosion, reduce mud and retain moisture in the ground.  Whether Golden Blend, Wonder Mulch or Premium Wood Chip, Vision's products are a great solution to help you get through the Spring and into the Summer months.   

New to the Vision Recycling Community?   
Here are two corporate videos to bring you up to speed with what we do. 

Thanks for your continued support of our products and services!  

Have a great new year!


'Mulch' Appreciated,


The Staff at Vision Recycling 

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