Thanks for your time at Vision Stuttgart!
You visited our stand at the Vision show and requested more information about our lens technologies. Below you will find helpful links to info about our lens families - ultra wide, without distortion, motorized zoom & focus, 4K telephotos and more! If you'd like to evaluate a sample, or if you have other questions, we can help! See more below...

Ultra Wide, No Distortion Lenses
Learn more about Theia's lenses with patented
 Linear Optical Technology® Our technology corrects barrel distortion optically without software or latency. Up to 135° HFOV, 5 MP, NIR corrected for up to 1/2.3” sensors.
Watch how Theia's lenses are used in Tele-operation
Teleoperation of a Menzi Muck M545 walking excavator is shown using our MY125M lens with patented Linear Optical Technology®.

Motorized 4k Lenses
Theia’s award-winning family of 4K motorized lenses covers 4-10mm & 12-50mm focal ranges for up to 1/1.7” format, 300lp/mm resolution with minimal focus shift in NIR for multi-spectral imaging. Offered in motorized zoom, focus, and IR cut filter with photo-interrupter motor stops.
Motorized Lens Control Board
Theia's Motorized Lens Control Board allows the user to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and IR cut filters.
Compact Telephoto Lenses
Explore Theia’s 5mpx and 4K resolution, NIR corrected Telephoto lenses. These lenses are perfect for high detail applications like LPR/ANPR & analytics. With DC auto and P-iris options, CS mount.
Request Samples
If you would like to evaluate a lens, please contact us and describe your application and needs.