Those of you who know us, know that we are pretty laid back when it comes to our Flexible Block-of-the-Month programs. Sign up when you want, start when you want, etc.

However, with the Visions Club, we have a definite cut-off date for signing up for this program. We must have our fabric and template orders in by the end of January and that's it! We won't be able to get more!

Therefore, if you are interesting in making the Visions Quilt, please let us know by January 25th if possible. We will then start collating orders and calculating our fabric requirements in order to get our fabric and template orders in by the cut-off date.

Thank you!

Marsha Doyenne
Sign Up by January 25th.
Bright Eyes Fabric Collection ~ WOW!
Anna Maria Horner shows us Bright Eyes!
See the Fabrics Close Up!
present Bright Eyes, her latest fabric collection. Bright Eyes is a celebration of the extraordinary beauty found in ordinary, everyday surroundings. It explores what happens if you keep your eyes bright and open! In this video, Anna Maria walks you through each design in the hopes that you all feel the same glow and optimism whilst sewing with these fabrics, as she did creating them!

Valentine's Big Bow Pillow Kits!
Kit Includes:

  • Pattern
  • Cutting diagrams
  • Fabric as shown
  • Fusible Fleece
Kit Includes:

  • Pattern
  • Cutting diagrams
  • Fabric as shown
  • Fusible Fleece
Valentine Bench Pillow Kit

Kit includes the Pattern, Pre-Cut Laser Applique, Binding, and Backing!
Candy Kisses Baby French Braid Quilt Kit!
This Valentine-themed kit features Candy Kiss panels in the center of each braid.
BOM Programs Starting Soon!
For Rosa
Copper Canyon
Galactic Explosion - Mars
Galactic Explosion - Venus
Sea Islands
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