Newsletter #2         February 2016


Last month I spoke about "Manifesting the Best Year of Our Lives", and setting intentions. Many sent feedback and questions...Thank you, it is greatly appreciated! I am so happy to hear that many of you are off to such a great start!

The topic of fear and anxiety has come up in our family recently and I know that many of us have had experiences in this area and some fears may be even holding you back from having the "Best Year of Your Life".

In order for us to make room for the new and great things we are creating for ourselves, we need to be sure we are finding ways to work with our fear and release all that no longer serves us. Fear is one of the most common emotions that blocks our flow and has the biggest rewards when we can identify them and choose to work with them. Read more on my Blog.

Highlights of what you will find on our latest Blog:
  • A Video that teach great breath techniques that can be utilized by all and especially those feeling overwhelmed
  • Links to a few of my favorite Amazing Books!
  • Sacred Stone Recommendations to Support Us Working with Our Fears
  • Quotes, Affirmations and more...

  • Sacred Stones Listed by Element
    This will help you find the stones easily when you want to search of a specific Element
  • Links to My Favorite Books
    I am often asked for what books I enjoyed so I have started with a few that have been top of mind recently. More to come. What are your favorites?
  • New Stones & Jewelry!!!
    I can't wait for Spring! I have been out treasure hunting and I have found some real gems I can't wait to share with you! I will be sure to send a few teaser photos as they arrive!

Here are a few stones you may want to consider adding to the mix
for your Valentine's Celebration!

Rose Quartz & Carnelian!
Check out these stones and others on
Our NEW Stones by Elements Page

"Our Journey & Your Astrological Birth Chart:

Thank you everyone for your interest and support in our New Feature
"Our Journey". It's all about getting to know yourself better through Crystals and Astrology, which can be very enlightening.

All Posts will live on my Newsletter and Blog Page.

Getting to to know yourself through Crystals and Astrology can be very enlightening. If you didn't request your FREE Birth Chart last month, I will be offering it again as of March 7th. So feel free to submit your information using our online form.

I also posted a little info for all you Aquarians out there, with a list of Stones Aquarians often resonate with. If you were born January 20th - February 18th, I hope you have had, are having or will have a Terrific Birthday! :)

The next "Our Journey" edition will be coming out on around February 19th!


Meet Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis
Offer Update! 
In the first edition of "Our Journey" I introduced you to Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis. Recognizing that our Canadian dollar is as low as it is, she is now generously offering 20% Off  all her services for all Visions in the Woods Members.

  • 20% Off Any of her services
    Her readings and classes are fantastic!
    Visit Sonja's website to learn more about her and her services
  • A FREE Astrology Class
    Sonja is gifting All our Members a Free 75 Minute "Intro Class to Soul-Based Astrology"! So much great information in this Class. Be sure to take the time to email her to access this recording.
To receive these great gifts, email Sonja at [email protected]

Although our shop is officially closed until spring as our roads can be challenging to navigate in the winter, I am still available to help you with any questions or needs you may have. I can be reached by phone or email.

Have a Terrific Valentine's Day and I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with your loved ones on Family Day!

Lots of Love,